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Sam-e and Parkinson’s DIsease

There has been quite a lot of discussion recently about Sam-e and Parkinson’s disease. One of your guests recommended Sam-E. What dosage would be best?

My response to this question summarizes recommendations from Dr. Richard Brown., MD, who has conducted extensive research on the effects of Sam-e on the symptoms associated with a wide variety of chronic conditions including Parkinson’s disease. In my recorded answer below (which you can hear by clicking on the purple arrow) I refer to a blog posting of my radio interview with Dr. Brown.  To hear the interview scroll back on this page to the posting oon October 26, 2013 or click the link below
which will takes you directly to the post on this same website.

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Sam-e and Parkinson’s


Sam-e for Parkinson’s

Dr. Richard P. Brown, MD, recommended a supplement called Sam-e for Parkinson’s (no prescription needed) when I interviewed him on the Parkinsons Recovery Radio show.  His research revealed that persons with Parkinson’s symptoms tend to be very low in Sam-e. Dr. Brown has done extensive research on Sam-e and has compelling evidence about its usefulness in general for persons with neurological challenges.

Why? Dr. Brown believes that the levodopa medication depletes Sam-e and recommends that it be taken along with Levodopa.  In general, he explains during the interview that Sam-e is good for our liver, joints and cartilage – so it is a healthy supplement for anyone to take.

His recommendations are not necessarily endorsed by other medical doctors. I have heard from one listener recently that she was unable to get the endorsement from her neurologist to take Sam-e along with her Levodopa prescription medication. Be forewarned then that doctors disagree about the best protocol to follow when taking Sinemet.    I recommend that you listen to my interview with Dr. Brown and if so called to do so, discuss the option with your doctor. Then of course decide for yourself the best course of action to pursue.

Dr. Brown believes that persons who currently experience Parkinson’s Disease symptoms can use a set of specific natural modalities along with improving lifestyle choices to recharge their dopamine system.  The welcome results is a reversal of symptoms. He reports that his clients in general experienced 
more energy, better ability to move, greater mental clarity and more active engagement with the world. His Website:

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
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