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Grounding and Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease

Comment and Question:

I’m reading a book called Earthing. Its basic premise is that as bio-electrical beings we’ve lost, in modern times, our grounding to the Earth (with plastic shoes and other non-conductive barriers).  That through bare feet on the earth, or through grounded sheets, mats, or patches a significant source of inflammation can be neutralized, allowing faster healing and restorative sleep, etc.,by tapping into Earth’s stabilizing electrons that neutralize free

Seems persuasive to me, yet I’m not a trained researcher.  Just felt the want to share this approach in minimizing electro-pollution with you in case you haven’t heard…and if so, I’m curious as to your point-of-view…whether you might feel it’s junk science. A link to this approach:



The Earthing book and the research is timely and useful. You might want to listen to my radio show with Compounding Pharmacist and Nutritional Counselor Randy Mentzer which aired on November 24, 2010. I recorded the show in Randy’s office. He had his bare feet firmly planted  on the grounding mat which is sold by the earthing institute. During the interview, Randy talks about grounding and why it makes so much difference to healing our sensitive neurological system. Better grounding certainly helped Randy resolve some of the emergent health challenges he faced last year.

If a person is not grounded, the electrical energy in their body flies out in all directions. It is much like what happens when an electrical connected is short circuited.

I have also discovered that better grounding has had a profound impact on my own ability to maintain the balance needed to maintain health and wellness. Anyone who is an energy healer must learn how to be well grounded or they can actually do more harm than good for their clients.

You obviously do not need to purchase the grounding pad available through the Earthing Institute to become grounded, but Randy certainly discovered it helped him enormously.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
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