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Magnesium: The Missing Link to Total Health

My guest is Dr. Carolyn Dean, MD ND (a medical doctor and a naturopath doctor) who has devoted 50+ years applying the science of medicine and the gifts of nature to help people feel better, find more energy and take control of their personal health. The focus of her presentation today is on magnesium.

Promoting a positive message of health, vitality, and well-being, Magnesium – The Missing Link to Total Health (Revised)® provides evidence-based scientific research on magnesium’s role in human health. Website:

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Treatments for Muscle Tightness and Pain

Just joined your group, and want to know what is the best way to control muscle tightness and pain in the left lower back area. I recently started taking requip prescribed by my movement disorder neurologist starting on a low dosage to get my body used to it.

Any other suggestions? Nothing seems to be helping.




Just to clarify at the outset Paulette – I am a researcher type doctor (Ph.D.) not a medical doctor (MD) so I am not qualified to diagnose or treat medical conditions. I can report from a research point of view that magnesium has helped many people find relief from the symptoms you describe. A relaxing and inexpensive magnesium therapy is Epson salt baths.

Consider also finding an energy healer who has cranial sacral training.  You might well find an energetic therapy would provide significant benefit.

I also suggest that you keep a sharp eye out for guests I am having on my radio show ( I am hosting a number of medical professionals over the coming weeks who could answer all your questions. You can always contact my guests directly to get answers as well. The radio shows I have aired and will soon broadcast report remarkable discoveries that are helping persons with Parkinsons relief from their symptoms,

Also consider attending the 2012 Parkinsons Recovery Summit in Cincinnati June 22 and 23. There will be a critical body of professionals in attendance who can provide you with answers to all of your questions. There will also be a critical core of highly qualified energy healers who will be available to provide treatments for the pain and muscle tightness that is so problematic right now.

Welcome to Parkinsons Recovery!

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