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Recharge Your Support Group in 5 Minutes

I have received several inquiries recently that express concerns about support groups that are boring and lack vitality. It is common for Parkinson’s support groups to move into a negative thought frame where the primary focus revolves around talk about what is wrong with everyone’s body. What can be done in such a situation?

  • Stop attending? This is a preferred choice for many people I have interviewed.
  • Become inundated with negativity? This is difficult to avoid if you continue attending sessions where complaints are aired and agony is the norm.

What do I suggest? My idea is inspired by Professional Dancer Pamela Quinn who was a guest on my radio show last year. Pamela invented the activity shown in the video below that I facilitated at the Parkinsons Recovery Summit in March. Please note that the activity is very fun and engaging. As I tossed more balls to juggle, proficiency improved and the volume of laughter became much louder.

A sinful quantity of dopamine was created in this short 6 minute exercise. Join in the laughter of  the moment as you watch. It is like giving yourself an IV of dopamine.

Why not begin and end all of your support group meeting with this ball tossing exercise? This is a sure fire way to shift negativity into hope without saying a word.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

[flashvideo filename=videos/balltossing.flv image=videos/balltossing.jpg /]

If the videos you watch here start and stop, just pause the video for about 30 seconds and allow the live streaming to catch up.