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Robert Rodgers, Ph.D
Parkinsons Recovery


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Parkinsons Recovery Resources

Several years ago I received numerous requests from people with Parkinson’s interested in having an organized summary of Parkinsons Recovery resources I have generated over the past decade. I initially resisted this idea. It takes quite a bit of time and effort to write, edit and publish books.  Besides, all of the information is readily available on the websites maintained by Parkinsons Recovery.

Several people pointed out that the information is scattered all over the place:  radio shows from five years ago, blog posts written over the course of 10 years. To get some of the information you need, you have to listen to a series of one hour radio shows.

I was ultimately convinced by supporters and readers of my work and proceeded to write books which summarized the insights and information I had been documenting on my many websites. The premier book is Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease, with other companion books including Pioneers of Recovery, Five Steps to Recovery and Seven Secrets to Healing.  I have also released many books about specific therapies that help people find relief from their symptoms. They are listed on my Amazon author page.

How to Claim Parkinsons Recovery Resources

Many of my books are now available in public libraries, but not all libraries.  If you would like to read any of my books and it is not available on the shelves of your public library, you can always submit an interlibrary loan request through your local library. Interlibrary loan requests are free to submit in most libraries. Your library should be able to obtain the book from another library that has it. If your local library receives enough interlibrary requests for a book, the staff will add it to their permanent collection. This makes the book readily available to everyone  your community.

Help others by helping yourself. Claim the Parkinsons Recovery books you want to read from your public library.

Robert Rodgers PhD
Parkinsons Recovery


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Reverse Parkinson’s Disease

What do I need to do to reverse Parkinson’s disease?

I know of no more difficult question to answer than this one. There is no reference to any  symptoms that might be experienced. It is tough to provide any focus when there is no clue as to the possible root cause. Might it be heavy metals or pesticides or an infection or lyme disease or tetanus or …? Of course it takes additional investigation to figure out the answers to any of these possibilities, but having no place to start, what is the best answer possible? How in the world can someone reverse Parkinson’s disease?

Click the purple arrow below to hear my two cents worth.

How to Reverse Parkinson’s Disease


After researching the factors that aggravate the symptoms associated with a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease, I have drawn the conclusion that one factor in particular stands out relative to all the other factors.  It is not toxins, though you would probably think it should be. It is not pesticides, though the research certainly suggests this should stack at the top of anyone’s list. And most curiously, it is not an imbalance of hormones though most people would presume this should be the top factor.

No, the single most important factor that contributes to the symptoms day in and day out is stress. When stress rears its ugly head, symptoms begin to smack people in the face and sometimes knock them over sideways. Of course, this in itself is stressful, so taming the stress demon turns out to be the challenge of a lifetime.

This revelation is why I developed the Parkinsons Recovery Mindfulness program. My honest confession is that I worked long and hard on this project because I was determined to find ways to tame my own stress level.

Be sure to check out any suggestion or recommendation you might discover here (or on any of the many Parkinsons Recovery websites and publications) with your medical doctor before deciding how to proceed. I am a researcher, not a medical doctor. My purpose is to provide persons with Parkinson’s symptoms options that they can discuss with their doctor.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

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Options that Reverse Parkinson’s

The phone has been ringing off the hook these past few weeks. Everyone wants to know the dates and location of the 2014 Parkinsons Recovery Summit where presenters will discuss what options reverse Parkinson’s symptoms. The answer is that I have not decided at this point. Several options are being reviewed. You will be the first to hear once the 2014 Summit has been set. We are just finishing work from the Santa Fe Summit.

Many of you have asked that presentations from the Santa Fe Summit be video taped taped so that you could see what was presented at an amazing Summit you may have been unable to attend. Although it has taken a mountain of effort and tons of money since the February Summit, videos of 19 presentations have at long last been edited and mastered.

In celebration of the release of Santa Fe videos this week – they will be available at a 25% discount for the next 24 hours. To claim you discount enter the code 2013options on the shopping cart when you check out and the price of any online videos or DVDs that you order will be automatically discounted by 25%. Any and all videos can be ordered from the Parkinsons Recovery Summit website:

Acquisitions of videos help to cover expenses of the Summit presenters and
reduce the tuition of future Summits.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

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Parkinsons Recovery

I live in Lake Mary, Florida and I want to know if you have any Parkinsons Recovery programs here in Florida. I have been diagnostic with in a early stage of PD, currently I am taking a new medicine call AZILECT. So far I am not sure if it is working or not (I just stared last Monday) but I prefer a natural recovery with therapy.

Thank you.



Parkinsons Recovery provides extensive support and resources to persons across the globe using various means and technologies. I will preview below some of the support systems we have put into place.

Parkinsons Recovery Summit

We sponsor an annual Parkinsons Recovery Summit which convenes together persons who have succeeded in discovering ways to reverse their symptoms in addition to practitioners who present their own discoveries about options that are helping people reverse their symptoms. The 2013 Summit will convene in Santa Fe, New Mexico February 21-24th.

You will find information at: The early bird cost is only $150 per person for the four day event if you register by August 15th.

Sunday Connections

You are invited to connect and talk with a rotating panel of hosts (many of whom have Parkinson’s Disease and have succeeded in reversing those symptoms). If you are looking for ongoing support and resources, this is an ideal opportunity. You call in to a phone number each Sunday at 2:00 pm pacific time or connect through your computer to
talk, bounce around ideas and get fresh perspectives from people who are also on the
road to recovery: Sunday Connections costs a mere $5 a month who helps pay for the cost of the technology we use. Parkinsons Recovery subsidizes the remaining cost.

Parkinsons Recovery Radio Show

I host a regular internet radio show which now has a large listening audience of persons just like yourself who are searching for answers. The Parkinsons Recovery Radio Show page is: All shows are archived and free to download. I have hosted the weekly show now for over three years. Each show is dedicated to issues connected with Parkinsons.

Parkinsons Recovery Blog

There is a wealth of information on the Parkinsons Recovery Blog:

Parkinsons Recovery Chat Room

Enter the chat room 24 hours a day. The 24 hour Chat Room is always open and free.

Track Symptoms

How do you know whether the therapies you are pursuing are helping? Track your symptoms over time for free. Use the Parkinsons Recovery Symptom Tracker.

Ask Questions

Write me your questions. I am happy to research them or find people who can help sort out the answers. You of course already know about this free service because you submitted the question above.
Parkinsons Recovery Free Magazine

Thanks for your interest in the work of Parkinsons Recovery. The exciting news of the year is that more and more people are figuring out ways to reverse their symptoms.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Pioneers of Recovery

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TMJ Dental Devices Versus Decide for Success

On Friday, June 22, two workshops will be presented at the very same time slot: A preview of how TMJ treatment has helped people recover from Parkinson’s symptoms and a presentation by John Baumann, an international speaker on Parkinsons who inspires everyone to embrace health and wellness.

The Parkinsons Recovery Summit is being held in Cincinnati, Ohio June 22-23 at the Garfield Suites Hotel.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery


Cheryl Epstein
Jo Rosen




         Reversing Many Parkinson’s
Symptoms And Reversing
Cheryl tells her story with a
dental device she nicknamed
Henry. Jo Rosen, Founder and
President of Parkinson’s
Resource Organization, joins
her to discuss the TMJ
results and other exciting
research discoveries.

      12:00 – 1:30

John Baumann

Decide Success: 12 Action
Steps to Live Life to the
Fullest with Parkinsons
You Ain’t Dead Yet
This amazing workshop
offered by a proud ten year
person with Parkinsons
instructs People with
Parkinsons how to successfully
live life to the fullest.        
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How to Manifest Recovery in 2012

Several weeks ago I sent out an invitation to persons who receive my free newsletter to do an exercise I have found personally powerful. The invitation was to jump ahead one year to January, 2013 and reflect back on everything you are grateful for. In other words, you set in motion the ability to manifest your dreams for 2012.

What follows is an email from Alan who has given permission to post here on the Parkinsons Recovery blog.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Pioneers of Recovery

Here is my list of gratitude for 2012. I accompany it with a story from Autobiography of a Yogi, a long-standing classic.

A student went to his teacher/guru, having become quite sick.

I see you have made yourself ill, said the teacher, but tomorrow you will feel better.”

Gladdened, the student went home and regained health. He returned to thank the teacher, who said,

“I see you have made yourself well. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?”

A wave of fear went through the student at the prospect of becoming ill again. He did become ill again and could hardly drag himself back to the teacher. Of course, the teacher said,

“You have again made yourself again indisposed.”

 The student, exhausted, asked the teacher what was going on.

“Really, it has been your thoughts that have alternatively made you feel weak and strong. You have seen how your health has exactly followed your subconscious expectations. Thought is a force, even as electricity or gravity.”

He then went on to explain that the mind is a spark of divine consciousness and that a thought, if believed intensely, would come to pass.  pp.133-4.

I could certainly use some work on the intensity of thought, but doing the exercise that Robert suggested has helped change my thinking. I listened to his broadcast many times to be sure I understood it. Then, I took some planned time and made my list of improvements as if looking back on them from 2013.

The next day, I found that I had planted those “subconscious expectations” mentioned above. For the past few weeks, that phrase “subconscious expectations” has been coming to mind. I wondered how I could set them up to be relieved of the symptoms of Parkinson’s. Without realizing it, this was the answer. Writing things out commits yourself to what you are writing. The next day. I kept thinking that change is possible and started acting as if it was happening.

The support for acting out change comes from within!! It is cool to see thought go to work for you. Everything will correspond. Of course, there is a battle between what is and what I can change. The nice thing is that the writing strongly plants new seeds in the mind of healthy thoughts because it is one of your actions–and it is free!

List of gratitude:

  • I restore full use of my left hand with flexibility and contractions are released.
  • My steady balance is restored.
  • I have excellent bladder control.
  • I regain and surpass the muscle mass that I have lost in the past few years.
  • I turn over spontaneously in bed while sleeping.
  • I live in a manner that improves my health, day by day.
  • As my symptoms disappear, my medications are reduced down to nothing.
  • Complete feeling returned to the left side of my body and face.
  • I advance in my career, personal growth, and wealth.
  • I easily chew and swallow all foods and liquids. Choking has ceased. I swallow saliva spontaneously.
  • I complete all tasks, intellectual and physical, easily with normal speed.
  • I walk efficiently with a normal gait and maintain a completely upright posture.
  • I lift and carry heavy items with ease.
  • I give positive encouragement to others.

It is necessary to have something in your mind besides devastation. I stayed positive and had faith in my first year and a half. I seemed to have spiritual healings but not so much physical ones. I was trying to defeat the “medical model”: it will progress.

That is all I knew and believed (from the Internet), and I did get worse in that time.  I found Parkinsons Recovery at this time of year in 2008-9. I soon committed myself to recovery, starting with vitamins. I’ve had to fight progression, and it has been challenging. What is truly better this year is my eye viewing the scenery, close or far.

I am spontaneous at noticing things.  My eyes flit about instead of stare, and I turn and notice things. Example: I heard some women laugh after a man spoke at the grocery checkout. I turned 180 degrees to see what that was. A tall man had just joked with three women who were facing him. I was surprised at my quick, turn around response. I have become more socially spontaneous, too.

Now,  I hope to get into bodybuilding again. Two years ago, I couldn’t find any thoughts to desire it at all, and it had been a passion of mine. Listening to the music of Johann Strauss has freed me up to start thinking about mobility again. I can picture the ballroom dancers seen on youtube when I hear or think of this music. Prior to this, I couldn’t picture any motion at all.

Now, I need to expand my visualization to other activity.  I used a study where one group exercised, one group imagined exercising, and another group did nothing. The second group improved, though not as much as the first. The third group made no improvement. This study told me that the mind will affect the body in regard to motion.

My biggest crisis this year was whether to go down in defeat or not. Howard Schifke said, if you fight Parkinson’s, it will fight you back. After that, I could see you can fight the whole thing–it may be fierce, but its fierceness does not have to beat you into a hole.

When you set up one therapy or practice you open up other possibilities of  healing. I am excited with the effects already of making this list of gratitude for recovery in 2012.


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2012 New Year Survey

I am appalled at the lack of scientific methodology demonstrated by your survey parameters.  People with Parkinsons (PWP) are generally on a cocktail of medications to maintain a “reasonable” facsimile of a normal life.  These medications do not effect the degenerative nature of the disease in any way; they merely mask the symptoms of the disease.  Based on this fact, it is quite natural that the patient would “feel” better than in the past.  Otherwise, what would be the sense it taking all the drugs?  Had this been a valid survey, you would have to take the PWP off their drugs for a couple of  weeks a year and then ask your question.  

What you have created with your survey is merely pseudo scientific nonsense where the data proves your conclusion.  Now either you realize this and are perpetrating a fraud just to sell books, or you have forgotten how to conduct a survey such that the data provides the conclusion.  

I would ask that you voluntarily stop your survey and the spread of false information.  

PWP need real facts not fiction.  Life is hard enough with Parkinson’s, we do not need false hopes.  Pedal your snake oil solutions somewhere else.

Thanks for your quick retraction of your “Survey”



Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to clarify for everyone that the 2012 New Year Survey is not – I repeat not – a scientific survey. The survey asks two simple questions. The first asks people who currently experience the symptoms of Parkinson’s to report on how they are feeling overall now relative to this same time last year. The second question asks that another person in the same household who does not have Parkinson’s answer the same question.

The motivation behind the 2012 New Year Survey is not to prove anything or study anything. There are many reasons why the 2012 New Year Survey is not scientific. The sample is certainly not random. After all – the persons who will respond are persons who are connected in some fashion or another to the work of Parkinsons Recovery. This group of individuals are typically exploring a wide variety of therapies of one form or another that are offering sustained relief from their symptoms. Results will offer a snap shot descriptive picture of this highly truncated population.

The mission of Parkinsons Recovery is to document any therapies that people have discovered are helping them get relief from symptoms. I want people to realize that there are some people who are feeling better this year than last year.

Beliefs about the prospects of recovery have a huge impact on the recovery process. If we believe that Parkinson’s  symptoms will get worse every year – then I can assure you they will get worse. End of story.

Yes – it is true that I am a scientist but I am not designing a study here. My intent is to influence people’s attitudes and install hope for the coming year of 2012. Some people have been successful with reversing their symptoms. I want people to know the good news.

At some point I will design a study to evaluate recovery. The final design however will not  require that people go off their medications. The result of such a requirement could be potentially dangerous for some people. No one should simply stop taking their medications without close consultation with their doctors and other heath care providers.If people were surveyed who went cold turkey on their medications, they would report feeling  significantly worse.

As you point out, the good news about medications is that they do provide relief to some people over the short term. Over the long term however, symptoms tend to worsen, requiring higher dosages and the burden of possible side effects. The long term studies of people taking medications show a decline on average of about 3-4% each year.

Taking medications is one choice among many other choices that can be considered. People who are on the road to recovery typically explore a wide variety of therapies which often include medications (including diet, exercise and many others).

If this were a scientific study I would add a long list of additional questions to  control for confounding factors. For example, I would be asking about all of the therapies the respondents are currently undergoing in addition to a long list of other questions. Again, the results of the 2012 New Year Survey will simply describe the current situation of persons who happen to follow the work of Parkinsons Recovery.

Finally, I invite everyone over the holidays to scroll back to the several years of radio shows that I have aired with researchers, medical doctors, naturopaths, psychologists and and variety of health care professionals who talk about what is helping people get relief from  their symptoms.

As a researcher, I am looking everywhere for information about what is helping people who currently experience the symptoms of Parkinsons get relief from their symptoms. If a therapy is helping some people I want others to know about it! I want people to know that there are many options to consider.

Again, thanks for your input. Most people who had the same thoughts would not have bothered writing me! I have no doubt that other people have likely had the same thoughts.

I also want to take this opportunity to preview a few of the free support services that are offered by Parkinsons Recovery. Incidentally, all of the information contained in my books has already been posted on the Parkinsons Recovery blog or is covered in one of my radio shows.

Parkinsons Recovery Newsletter

Receive free newsletters about our discoveries by adding your email when visiting the main Parkinsons Recovery website at:

Parkinsons Recovery Magazine

Articles by health care providers and persons with Parkinsons are published in this quarterly Parkinsons Recovery Internet publication. Obtain your free back issues by visiting:

Radio Program:

I air a free weekly internet radio Wednesdays at 3:00 p.m pacific time. Every show is different, though the theme is always the same: what are people doing that offers relief from symptoms?

I have hosted guests from across the globe who discuss what is making a significant difference for people who currently experiences symptoms of Parkinsons Disease.    The main page for the Parkinsons Recovery Radio Show is:

All shows are archived so recordings of all past shows will always be available and of course are free.

Parkinsons Blog:

I regularly post information on the Parkinsons Blog where you will find the most current scoop. If you are reading this post – you have already landed on the blog!

Parkinsons Recovery Chat Room:

Participate in the chat room 24 hours a day. Access will always be free.

Symptom Tracker :

How do you know whether the therapies you are choosing to pursue help? Track your symptoms over time. The Parkinsons Recovery Symptom Tracker will always be free and available 24 hours a day (unless the server is down which happens on rare occasions).

Every time you answer the 39 questions from the Parkinsons Disease Questionnaire (39)
(which is a standard research instrument for Parkinsons) you will see a graph that shows your personal progress toward recovery. Any areas that need to be brought to the attention of your doctor will also be evident from your progress report.

Ask Questions:

Write me your questions. I am happy to research them or find people who can help with the answers. Again, this service is free.

Thanks for your interest in the work of Parkinsons Recovery. Important things are happening for everyone.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

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