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Hip Fracture Parkinson’s Disease

Hip Fracture Parkinson’s Disease

 My mother is 79 yrs old and was diagnosed with Parkinson’s approximately 5 yrs ago. At this point she has small tremors. One month ago she had a pacemaker/defibrillator put in place w/complications. Her heart is 3-4 times the normal size and the lining is paper thin. She fell approximately 3 weeks ago and fractured her hip. Now to the Parkinson’s question. She is now jerking on her left side from her waist to her neck. Terrible muscle spasms in her left leg from the knee to her ankle. Can trauma cause a “flare”? Sheri

Listen to my radio show interview with Dr. Joe Hickey who discusses in stark detail the consequences of breaking a hip. The short version of a fascinating story is that toxins are stored in the bones. When a bone is fractured. the toxins leak out into the body. This might explain what is happening with you mother.

If my suspicion is correct, you might want to explore the possibility of detoxing heavy metals.

Robert Rodgers PhD
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