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The Simple Truth of Recovery Will Surprise You

Truth of Recovery Really is Simple

My research agenda for the past decade and a half has been to identify natural therapies that offer the promise of helping people reverse the symptoms associated with a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease. In part, this initiative has aired 250 interviews with health care professionals, doctors and therapists who have offered remarkable suggestions for what has been helping people recover.  All of these interviews are available as replays for free.

What is the bottom line of this extensive research? What is the truth of recovery? Is it complicated? Most people think it must be. Or, is it simple? I have concluded the key to a successful recovery is actually very simple indeed.  I did not believe this a decade ago.

Seventy of the 250 interviews I have hosted on my radio program have been with guests diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease who discovered one way or another to find relief from their symptoms.  The surprise to me as a researcher has been the vastly different routes individuals have taken to engage a successful journey down the road to recovery. Each story is unique.

What do these remarkable pioneers of recovery have in common? Certainly not the specifics of their recovery programs. Listen to some of the replays of the interviews and you will begin to appreciate how each person discovered their own best course of therapies that helped them heal.

Despite the differences, I recently asked the question what do these pioneers of recovery have in common?  The answer will shock you. Using a variety of approaches and therapies, they all found ways to infuse their body with the basics of life – light, water and oxygen.

  • Without the light of the sun there would be no life.truth of recovery - light therapy
  • Without oxygen from the air we breathe there would be no life

truth of recovery - oxygen

  • Without water to drink, there would be no life.

truth of recovery - waterThe authentic answer to recovery turns out to be profoundly simple. A body that is struggling with neurological difficulties is not receiving sufficient light, water or oxygen (or all three).  Fortunately there have been a number of exciting developments that enable the rich and safe infusion of light and oxygen  into the cells of the body as well as homeopathic remedies that have been designed to hydrate cells.

As I now see it, success with a recovery program depends on giving your body what it needs to thrive – light, water and oxygen.  It really is that simple folks.

Robert Rodgers PhD
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease