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Amino Acid Therapy for Parkinson’s Disease

On Friday, January 5, 2018 my guest on Parkinsons Recovery Radio is Dr. Marty Hinz MD
who is internationally famous for developing a novel approach for treating symptoms of Parkinson’s disease known as amino acid therapy. Persons with Parkinsons treated with this therapy have recently reported (on the Parkinsons Recovery Holiday survey) that it has helped them.

Visit the following radio show page to hear the show at 12:00 noon pacific time.

Dr. Marty Hinz MD on Parkinsons Recovery Radio

Restless Leg Syndrome, Excessive Shaking and More

Here is a short list of some of the questions I answered in Part IV of my Q&A program today concerning the causes and treatments for symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

  • How can I go about reducing the dosage of medications I take? They are not working for me.
  • I want to know more about the Aquas.
  • What can I do for Restless Leg Syndrome?
  • What is the best way to control excessive shaking?
  • What about amino acid therapy as a treatment for Parkinson’s symptoms?
  • How can I stop my intercostals from contracting, worsening by 3 am and awakening me at night?
  • What about parasites, worms, and smaller creatures like mold, fungus, staph infections, etc. What role do they play if any?

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Robert Rodgers PhD
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LDN, Mannitol and Amino Acid Therapy: Natural Parkinson’s Disease Therapies

Today I answer questions on several natural Parkinson’s disease therapies. Here is a short list of some of the questions and topics I address:

  • Using a nutritional approach to healing Parkinson’s I now have a healing crisis every 4 days followed by good days.What does this mean?
  • More about LDN for treating symptoms please.
  • What about Mannitol as a treatment for Parkinson’s symptoms?
  • How can I reduce tremors in my left hand and foot and in the upper, inner and left side of my head?
  • When will the 2017 updated Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease be available? 
  • What about amino acid acid therapy as a therapy? 

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Amino Acid Therapy

What you will see below is an email about amino acid therapy I received yesterday that I have permission to post here. It is always exciting to hear news of people who are have good success on the road to recovery.

Robert Rodgers PhD
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

 I found a holistic neurologist in NYC – Christian Enescu. He put me on a program called targeted amino acid therapy. I am using prescription supplements by a company called CHK. There is a Hinz protocol which I think is similar and is one of the original amino acid therapy treatments. It required going cold turkey off all meds.

This is day 23 and I see a big light at the end of the tunnel. In the beginning I crashed. It was a VERY DIFFICULT time. Slowly started to feel better. I am almost at the point where I was before I started the program- which was mild symptoms (because they were being controlled by meds). This is working for me. This is HUGE! I fully expect to feel completely normal again soon.


Can Anti-Depressants Cause Parkinson’s?

I just got on your website yesterday and was sooo glad to find you – I am a 65 yr old woman and  was just diagnosed with Parkinson’s and believe totally in the body healing itself and I have been on health for years. I was so shocked when I was diagnosed. I have all the symptoms.

At the present I am having a stretching therapist treat me and I get lots of relief. He also believes in the body healing itself. My main concern is how tired I am and some of  the depression. I haven’t been on your site as much as I want. I was on  10 antidepressants a day. They diagnosed me bipolar at that time ( I think I was a Guinea pig). They even had me on resperdal  for schizophrenia-

My daughter in law whose father is a  Dr put her on antidepressants and she went off and she now has a tremor on her head. Has there been any clarification’s that antidepressant can cause Parkinson’s?

Now I feel I need something (natural)  It’s not so much depression but anxiety-I saw an advertisement for suntheanine – have you heard of this product and if so – is it ok to take with Parkinson?

Also I am ordering your book which I know will be helpful




Fatigue and depression can be a formidable challenge for anyone! Have you checked on the side effects of the medications you currently take? It is possible that the symptoms are being aggravated by the medications. If so, it would be a smart idea to talk with your doctor about alternatives.

Many of the medications that are used to treat the symptoms of Parkinson’s have side effects that are identical to the symptoms of Parkinson’s. For some people there is a significant benefit to the medications in the short term since symptoms can be  controlled. In the long term, more and more of the medication has to be used to achieve the same result, so side effects are much more likely to kick in.

I looked at the details on the product Suntheanine and discovered it is an amino acid which is derived from a patented process. I have not heard any specific reports on use of this product. Let us know the outcome if you decide to use it.

I will be interviewing a physician’s assistant within the coming weeks on the Parkinsons Recovery Radio Show, David Overton. He has extensive experience with using amino acids to treat Parkinson’s symptoms. Listeners are always invited to call in during the live shows and ask question. He would be an incredible resource for you.

I will announce the show on the radio show page once his show date has been set:

Parkinsons Recovery is sponsoring a Summit in Cincinnati Ohio June 22nd and 23rd. That event would also be an ideal place to get answers to your questions.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Pioneers of Recovery

L-Tyrosine Treatment for Parkinsons Symptoms

Have you had any experience with taking L-tyrosine and if so in what doses?

Are there any resources or people that I could contact?

Thank you



This question is clearly a question for readers out there.  Who has had  experience taking L-tyrosine? Please comment on your experience.

Marty Hines, MD, has been researching the relationship between amino acids and Parkinson’s symptoms for many years. He trains other doctors in administering amino acid therapy to help provide symptomatic relief for persons with Parkinson’s Disease.

It is my understanding from talking with one of his clinic staff members that this particular amino acid treatment protocol requires weekly monitoring through urine tests and regular adjustments of amino acid doses that are administered.  Apparently it is not a treatment that can be administered without close and continuous supervision by a medical doctor.

You can read Dr. Hines’ research on amino acid therapy to treat Parkinson’s symptoms by visiting the website listed below:

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Pioneers of Recovery

Amino Acid Therapy


Hi Robert!

Thought you’d find this resource interesting …let me know what you think.



Thanks so much for sending along the link. Yes – I am aware of the excellent work of Dr. Marty Hines, MD, and his clinics. I think they are doing wonderful work. I tried to get an interview with him for my radio show but struck out.

Their clinics perform extensive, ongoing testing so that they will know how much of the various amino acids to give their patients. I understand from talking with one of their nurses that they follow you very closely. It is not a therapy which can be administered at long distance. When you sign up with them as a patient, you must be willing  to get regular testing done.

It is not exactly a self help program – but I suspect their approach does help people get relief from their symptoms. I have not heard a specific report back from anyone at this point.

The there is a supplement called Can-C Plus which has a lot of amino acids and helps the body manufacture glutathione naturally. I aired a radio show about it several months ago. People with Parkinsons are using it now. I am hoping to get some reports back from users in the few months.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

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Dopamine Levels and Amino Acid Therapy


Are you familiar with and the
neurotransmitter protocols recommended by Dr. Marty Hinz?
If so, what is your experience with people who have tried
these methods?



Yes, I am very familiar with his work and find his approach
to be intuitively fascinating. The treatment emphasis with Marty
Hinz’s approach uses amino acid therapy. It is novel
approach used in clinics throughout the US for addressing the
symptoms of Parkinson’s. Nothing in itself “cures,” but
amino acid therapy appears to be helping people.  

Levodopa raises the level of dopamine sky high relative to the
level of serotonin in the body. When a person who takes Levodopa
eats protein, they ingest tirosines.  Tirosines increase dopamine.

The key to health is to maintain the proper balance between
serotonin and dopamine. Pumping more dopamine into the body
can create a persistent imbalance that aggravates the
symptoms. Amino acid therapy appears helps to balance the

I have planned interviews with the doctors using this approach
with Parkinson’s patients, so we will all know more about
his therapy in the new future.

I invite anyone with personal experiences using the clinic’s
protocol to tell us more about your experience  by posting
a comment here.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

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