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What you will see below is an email about amino acid therapy I received yesterday that I have permission to post here. It is always exciting to hear news of people who are have good success on the road to recovery.

Robert Rodgers PhD
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

 I found a holistic neurologist in NYC – Christian Enescu. He put me on a program called targeted amino acid therapy. I am using prescription supplements by a company called CHK. There is a Hinz protocol which I think is similar and is one of the original amino acid therapy treatments. It required going cold turkey off all meds.

This is day 23 and I see a big light at the end of the tunnel. In the beginning I crashed. It was a VERY DIFFICULT time. Slowly started to feel better. I am almost at the point where I was before I started the program- which was mild symptoms (because they were being controlled by meds). This is working for me. This is HUGE! I fully expect to feel completely normal again soon.


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  1. I have started this protocol but haven’t achieved the proper balance. Would love to connect with other PD people using/trying Marty Hinz’s Amino Acid Management of Parkinson’s.

  2. Maureen- My mom has been on the therapy for over 2 months. I am not thrilled with the results. Would love to see more improvement. Wondering how you are doing now? Thanks for any input. Shannon

  3. I have been on Dr Hinz’s protocol since last September. I had a bad time with nausea and had to take a two week break to get my stomach back in order. I no longer have nausea problems and every week my doctor increases my dose but I have not had any positive results. It is very frustrating!

  4. I’m pretty stable after increasing several times Started October 6th. I’m told to give it 6 months.

  5. On Hinz protocol and still having nausea. Any tips on how to administer
    D5 mucuna and tyrosine. What food/liquid do you mix with the powder?

  6. Who is doing this amino acid therapy other than the MD in NYC???
    Anybody on the west coast?
    It seems very expensive,

  7. I am doing Amino Acids and have been managing my symptoms with them for the last 6 months. Symptoms are milder and pain and rigidity are down substantially, also sleeping better. The product I use a powder called Amino Replete Pure Encapsulations (purchased through my holistic MD) along with 100mg of 5-HTP and extra L-Tyrosine twice a day. I am not on any particular program I am doing this on my own through trial and error. So far having pretty good results combined with Qi Gong. Here is the link:

    All the Best, Nancy

  8. I just finished week #3 here in Dallas on the Hinz amino acid protocol and although I’ve experienced some really good moments of ‘normalcy’ to this point, the jury is still out on whether I can dial in on anything that resembles consistency when it comes to symptom relief. I remain optimistic about the possibilities however because when it’s good it’s really good.

    My rigidity seems to have loosened up and my speech also seems to be improving. My tremor seems to be a little better as well. My provider is telling me that it normally takes 4 months to reach optimal symptom relief so I’m going to remain patient because I do feel like I’m in a better place than when I started.

    I will say this – under the care of this particular wellness provider, who tells me he’s 1 of only 4 in the US administering the Hinz protocol, this treatment is not cheap. However I do feel like if I can get anywhere close to the 95% symptom relief he’s advertising that I can significantly reduce to the cost of the primary and most expensive supplement which is the Mucuna Pruriens. Although you’ll see a lot of ‘proprietary blend’ language on some of the labels, amino acids are not proprietary and most of the ones critical to this treatment (L-tyrosine, 5HTP, & the Mucuna Pruriens) stand alone on the content labels so with a little math you can do your own calculations with much less expensive products. It also calls for a lot of B6, which is even more affordable and in fact not even that expensive through this program. I do feel like once he helps me optimize my levels of each supplement that I can probably maintain the program on my own and eliminate the $150 a week consultation.

    First things first though, because I need to be convinced that there is an ‘optimal level’ and combination out there for me and distinguish between what is real and what is placebo effect. Time will tell and I sincerely hope to be able to give this program a passing grade in the weeks to come.

  9. Hi, I started the amino acid protocol on May 18th 2016 and I am back to the level I was while taking 5 100/25 Sinemet and 2 5 mg Selegeline. I have had some difficulty increasing the dose but found a solution. In my case I split the daily requirement in 4 doses because I need levodopa at night to combat rigidity. I need to take each of the four doses in 2 parts separated by 30 min. If I take a full quarter I get pounding heartbeat, high BP, tingling sensation and nausea. I am stable now at 13.5 g/day. Anyone else experienced palpitations?

  10. My father is suffering fro parkinson and doctors are saying this is incurable disease
    What to do
    Pls help

  11. I am to start on the Amino Acid treatment tomorrow. Right now I am doing pretty good on4 siminet a day and Macuna pills 3x a day. I hear its very expensive can u give me an idea of cost.My very reasonable with office visits. Is it worth it? I am nervous about starting something new and the side effects. I was treating myself with Macuna after reading a book by a Spanish Doc. Don’t know what to do.

  12. Hi:

    Amino acid therapy can be expensive because it involves so many tests and treatments. You will have to check with your doctor about the cost involved. You have been focused on suppressing symptoms and luckily have had good success so far. My answer to your question would be: focus on determining the cause of your symptoms. Once you have a good idea of the cause or causes, you can formulate a strategy to address them.

    Robert Rodgers PhD
    Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

  13. My boyfriend is on Dr. Hinz amino acid therapy here in Southern California. We have just recently combatted the nausea with ginger capsules 550mg. He takes two 1/2 hour before each dose. He is taking high dowse of the Mucuna and my frustration is that his dr isn’t adding addition 5hTp or tyrosine yet and to me he is not in balance. We have been at it 6 months. I am hopeful that if we can find the balance it will be the miracle he needs. He. However is feeling defeated. Would love to hear more success stories and how long it took to find balance and what combinations did it take. The more Mucuna he takes the more dyskenisia he gets.

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