TMJ treatment for Parkinson’s Disease

On a Parkinsons Recovery radio show I aired four years ago Cheryl heralded a TMJ treatment for Parkinson’s Disease that offered her welcome relief from her Parkinson’s symptoms. For a little background on where this story starts – listen to this radio show by click on the link below:

Cheryl’s Miracle Turnaround

John, a listener of the Parkinsons Recovery Radio Show, recently asked Cheryl for an update on her current situation. I have her permission to post her email response to John which follows:

Robert Rodgers PhD
Seven Secrets to Healing

I guess you want to know if I am living Parkinson’s free, (among other things). Let me address this question first.. The short answer is : No, I’m not, unfortunately…Which is what I was hoping for – aren’t we all?

That being said.. There is a success story attached to that NO answer….

Sorry to be so confusing John. It’s kind of strange John.. But I would highly recommend gettting an appliance especially if you were diagnosed within the last 5 years!!.. I am still better then anyone else I know who is living with Parkinson;s.. My Neurologist at
UCLA can’t believe how little meds I take, how well I move, etc.. He says people living with Parkinson’s for 15 years , like I have, are all doing so much worse..

That being said: I have had lasting improvements, that I attribute to the appliance.. EX. I can brush my teeth manually. I can put a sandwich in a baggie and have improved penmanship to name a few things off the top of my head.

That being said. I fall down – a lot- and I have tremors in my legs, that I never had 6 months ago. So I can tell the disease is marching on….

The bottom line is: it’s worth it!!! I still advocate for everyone in the Parkinson;s community to get an appliance.. It’s not a cure but it definitely, definitely helps And it helps with out side effects. It also heals you today!! There is no waiting for clinical trials. And it’s immediate.. google Dr Brendon Stacks DDS in Virginia. Watch the videos… The appliance is real and it does work… I guess I was just hoping for more…but if the way I am is all I can get, well as I said.. I am still better of then if I had never used it.

Your friend in the trenches,


PS: I still wear my appliance, albeit not as often as what I should.

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