Unorthodox Approach

Hi Robert,

I like your approach. I have had success with an unorthodox approach using reiki, qigong, painting and a lot of intuition and research found out that I have massive amounts of copper and an excess of mercury. Although I am still registered as having PD I am on a 5 month detox with intravenous vitamin C and glutiathone 2 hours every second week and taking metalcaptase. I’ve had a brain scan and at least five experts confirm that I have PD. Then how can it be that I end up taking medicine for Wilson’s Disease? (Rhetorical question).

Warm regards


2 thoughts on “Unorthodox Approach

  1. Dear Rick

    I too have excess of copper and mercury and have recieved treatment for my intoxication.
    You can find my case-story on the Internet.

    Best regards
    Hanne Koplev

  2. My good friend has P. And relys on the VA. He’s naturalized from Mexico &was in USNavy. Has implanted brain simulator. Looses balance alot. Worked in fields when young.

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