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Hydrotherapy Home Treatment

The following is a home hydrotherapy treatment that has been used by Karen (who has the symptoms of Parkinson’s.  Karen describes this procedure during my radio program interview with her that aired on January 7, 2010. She did this treatment three times a week and saw remarkable results. You can listen to the interview by visiting the Parkinsons Recovery Radio Program Web Site and scrolling back to my interview with Karen in January.

What is Hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy is a special technique that greatly enhances recovery from many of acute and chronic health problems.  These simple treatments improve the circulation of blood and lymph, promote better digestion, and increase the elimination of toxins.  Hydrotherapy works so well because it acts to stimulate the body’s own healing force.

Directions for treatment that is done to you:

Part One:

Soak two terry cloth towels in hot water that is tolerable to the touch.  Soak one terry cloth towel in cold water.  Wring out hot towels.  (Note: as an alternative, you can make the hot towels by wringing out two towels in tap water and putting them in the microwave.   Be careful not to burn yourself, as microwaved towels can be very hot)  Lying on your back, cover the bared chest and abdomen with the two hot towels.  Cover entire body tightly in blankets. Leave the hot towels in place for 5 minutes.

Part Two:

Wring out cold towel.  Replace the hot towels with a single cold towel.  Cover entire body tightly in blanket.  Leave the cold towel in place for 10 minutes.

Part Three:

Repeat the same procedures of Part One and Part Two, but do the treatment face down with the towels being applied on your back. The entire treatment should take about one-half hour.

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