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Revealed: Natural Therapies to Reverse Parkinson’s Symptoms

Results of the Parkinsons Recovery Holiday Survey continue to flow in. Dozens and dozens of natural therapies were reported to help reverse symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. I want you to know about several in particular reported to have been helpful.


You are invited to watch videos I prepared about a few of them. To do so, click on the secure link below. Then, enter your first name and email address in the fields provided. I will then email you links to the videos I have prepared for you to watch.

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P.S. I was surprised to see some of the therapies reported on the survey to have been helpful. I suspect you will too.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Olympia, Washington

Natural Therapies for Parkinson’s Disease

Since 2004 I have been documenting natural therapies for Parkinson’s disease that offer relief from Parkinson’s symptoms. These discoveries have inspired the following conclusions:

  • Dozens of natural therapies are effective in reversing Parkinson’s symptoms
  • No therapy helps everyone.

This week I administered  a survey asking members of my global audience to report what natural therapies offer relief from  their symptoms. Results re-confirmed my conclusions:

  • There are a surprising number of natural therapies that offer relief.
  • No therapy helps everyone.
  • Everyone discovers a unique set of therapies that work for them.

One respondent from Australia reported they had not tried any natural therapies. Is this also the case for you?

May the following summary of responses serve as an inspiration to try one or more of the natural therapies reported in this Parkinsons Recovery Survey.

Responses to the Parkinsons Recovery September 2019 survey are reported next. Informational resources that relate to the therapies reported to have been helpful are also included in this post.

Listing of Natural Therapies for Parkinson’s Disease

Respondents were asked to list natural therapies that helped them experience relief from symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. What follows is an unedited listing of responses that were received. My analysis of responses is provided in the following Parkinsons Recovery Radio Show:


Report from Germany: Photobiomodulation (vielight neuro gamm and x-plus), medical mushrooms (neuromykon of dr myko san, zagreb, croatia)

Report from Arizona: Herbal supplements, Emotion Code therapy

Report from New York: High dose vitamin B1 (thiamin hcl)

Report from Nevada:  Mucuna. lithium orotate

Report from Italy: Cold water on hands

Report from Switzerland: Ayurveda

Report from Luxembourg: Turmeric

Report from Oklahoma: CBD OIL

Report from Alberta Canada: reflexology, coconut oil, drinking water, fellowship & interaction with others, distractions, meaningful work, spiritual time with God.

Report from Montana: neck decompression (PD bend)

Report from North Carolina: Eating nuts, all varieties, fava beans and tincture, exercise,good fresh organic fruits and veggies

Report from India: Diet , Vit b12, Vit D, exercise, yoga and meditation

Report from Australia: Bowen therapy, Castor oil packs to the abdomen, sunbaths, trans dermal magnesium, THC & THCA, mucuna puriens 98% Ldopa

Report from Virginia: exercise

Report from California: take control of your own recovery, avoid stressful situations and stressful people, adequate sleep, gentle exercise (stretching), stay active (keep moving) in your daily life, ketogenic diet (low carb, no grain, no dairy, no sugars), inclined bed therapy

Report from Minnesota: Arogalife supplements

Report from Ontario Canada: Theracycle

Report from Michigan: Manitol

Report from Quebec Canada: dancing with a smile, also gluten and dairy free, osteopathic

Report from Pennsylvania: B1

Report from United Kingdom: transcendental meditation, cranial sacral

Report from Oklahoma: CBD OIL

Report from California: Exercise

Report from United Kingdom: Cats Claw tincture

Report from California: Parkinson’s Recovery

Report from Australia: Qi Gong, Mucuna Puriens

Report from California: Wisdom healing Qigong

Report from Virginia: Fava beans and tincture, variety of nuts daily, okra, papaya, black cumin seed oil, exercise , sunshine

Report from Minnesota: Passion Flower

United States: Balance class for seniors -deep breathing- to help relax.-.

Texas: Prayer, GABA 250 mg., Qigong, yoga corpse pose, Tai Chi, cranial sacral massage, aloe vera juice, grounding feet

Report from Luxembourg: turmeric green tea

Report from Colorado:

Report from California: Exercise, especially intense exercise, daily

Report from Michigan: Adherence to 7 dimensions of wellness

Report from California: Neurofeedback

Report from Michigan: has helped a lot

Report from Hawaii: Exercise daily, i.e. walking, yoga, body weight movements etc.

Report from Australia: Qigong

Report from United States: Mucuna Puriens powder, Homeopathic calming pills, enough rest, sleep

Report from Colorado: I am following the Hinz protocol (amino acids and extract of the velvet bean plant) with great success.

Report from California: PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy)

Report from Israel: Tai Chi, LDN, Rhodiola, low fat diet (almost vegan)

Report from United Kingdom: Exercise, vitamin B1 protocol, meditation

Report from Pennsylvania: supplements

Report from Pennsylvania: Meditation and yoga

Report from Minnesota: exercise

Report from Vermont: visualizing my brain and gut cells communicating instantaneously.

Report from Washington: Glutathione IV and intranasal

Report from Florida: Medical marijuana, both oils and smoking.

Report from Massachusetts: meditation and exercise, especially swimming and yoga

Report from India: i take dry coconut with turmeric and black pepper i feel this is giving me some help

Report from Vancouver Canada: Deep b8ain stimulator surgery

Report from Quebec Canada: swimming is a big help as well as yoga and pture

Report from California:

  • Parkinson’s Recov ry Web site-without doubt!!  Hugely important keeping me on track with having positive attitude
  • Exercise-especially for my legs and feet
  • Eating healthy = NO SUGAR
  • Mars Venus brand Amino acid liquid shake to get protein between medication ingestions (I am on 25/100 carbidopa/levodopa)
  • Aquas to  increase water absorption
  • Guided meditations daily.
  • Vielight neuro. This seems to loosen deep congestion in my upper head.  The X seems too strong _ at least for now.
  • Being around special friend(s) who support me. Personally I do best with one or 2 at a time
  • LOTS  of rest

Informational Resources for Natural Therapies Reported to be Helpful in Experiencing Relief from Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease

Informational links to resources about each therapy are listed below each therapy:


Amino Acid Therapy (Hinz Protocol)

Aroga Life Supplements


Bowen Therapy


Coconut Oil

Cranial Sacral Therapy



Emotion Code Therapy

Essential Oils


Fava Bean Tincture


High Dose Thiamine (B1) Therapy

Ketogenic Diet

Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN)

Mannitol (Synoclean)




Photobiomodulation Light Therapy

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF)




Tai Chi


Robert Rodgers PhD
Parkinsons Recovery 
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease
Olympia Washington

Winter of Wellness Summit

I just learned that several people who have had an enormous impact on my thinking about health and how to reverse Parkinson’s symptoms are presenters during a winter of wellness 5 day summit next week which we can all access for free. Join me to watch the upcoming Summit which brings together an amazing group of doctors, teachers, and healers in service to helping reverse chronic illnesses like Parkinson’s.

During this 5-day online event, you’ll hear from Donna Eden, David Crow, Dave Asprey, Sue Morter, Holly Tse, Naveen Jain, Gregg Braden, Sara Crow, Dawson Church, Pamela Miles, Arjun Das, Tamara Wolfson, and many other top experts in their fields…

View the Summit series along with me next week for free. Click the link below to join:

Natural Methods to Heal
Winter of Wellness


Free Online Event
January 16-20, 2018
Winter of Wellness Summit


I have hosted over 230 guests on Parkinsons Recovery radio since 2008 who talk specifically about natural methods that help reverse symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Now, the presenters in this series will not specifically be discussing Parkinson’s issues, but I can assure you that the ideas and suggestions will certainly apply. I will be building on my own expertise by watching this free series next week and invite you to do the same.

Robert Rodgers PhD
Parkinsons Recovery



Functional Medicine: A New Paradigm in Medicine

Dr. Jennifer Kessman MD discusses how to heal from disease. Functional Medicine has been around for a number of years and began with Dr. Jeffery Bland’s motivation to look at medicine in a different way. Now the field of Functional
Medicine is ever expanding and a center at the Cleveland Clinic has opened its doors for care. It is becoming more widely accepted and parts of functional medicine have been integrated into a wide variety of disciplines in medicine.

Here is a list of questions she answered during my interview with her:

1. What is Functional Medicine?
2. How did you come to get involved?
3. What are the root causes of disease?
4. So, if inflammation is the basis of disease how does functional medicine help with inflammation?
5. Tell me about your experience with Environmental Medicine?
6. Dr. Dale Bredesen and others have found ways to reverse early brain dysfunction and reverse dementia. How are they doing this?
7. Do you think this can apply to Parkinson’s?
8. The immune system is a big actor in most diseases we know- how can we calm our immune system?
9. What has been your experience with environmental impact of electromagnetic fields and brain dysfunction?
10. What is the influence of stress on disease?

Natural Treatments for Parkinson’s Disease

When it comes to finding natural treatments for Parkinson’s disease, most people get very frustrated. This frustration comes not from being unable to identify treatments that can facilitate healing the neurological symptoms, but from the challenge of having to sort through the many excellent natural therapies for Parkinson’s disease that seem to be helping some if not many people.

I say stuff the frustration in the closet. There are ways to find the answers you need now to jump start your recovery. You just have to take charge and launch your own program of recovery.


Robert Rodgers PhD
Jump Start to Recovery