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Recommendation on Walk In Shower


We want to put in a walk in shower that is easy to clean, will not splash water onto the bathroom floor, is wheel chair accessible and can be put into the space of our existing bathtub which we plan to remove.  What is a good company from which to purchase such a product that caters to the handicapped?



I am posting your question in the event that a reader out there has a suggestion for you.

I do not center my research on issues connected with disabilities associated with the symptoms of Parkinsons for a simple reason. I believe that our thoughts determine our future. If we believe we will become handicapped in the future – we will become handicapped. If we believe we will recover from whatever particular mobility challenge we might be currently experiencing, we will recover. Our bodies can and do return to their natural state of balance and harmony.

Your project sounds wise for many obvious reasons. I have my fingers crossed that a reader of the Parkinsons Recovery blog has a good suggestion for you to investigate. This unfortunately is one question I cannot answer – though it pains me to admit I do not know.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
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