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How to Heal Scar Tissue

Is  it important to heal scar tissues that have been created by injuries and surgeries if you currently experience Parkinson’s symptoms? If so, what methods can be used to heal scar tissue?

How to Heal Scar Tissue

Click on the purple arrow below to hear my answer to this particular question. Most people do not think scar tissue has little impact on our sensitive neurological system. I beg to differ.

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Heal Scars Naturally


First, I enjoy reading your writings and learning of your opinions.

Second, I agree with your comments about interrupted neural pathways and the lingering effects of scar tissue. You recommend using wheat germ oil.

I have had abdominal aortic surgery due to an aneurysm and apply Vitamin E (oil) to the scar by puncturing the capsules.

My question: Is wheat germ oil better for the intended benefit than Vitamin E and if so, why?



Both Vitamin E and wheat germ oil help to heal scar tissue. There are a few advantages of using wheat germ oil.

First, wheat germ oil sinks deep into the scar tissue itself. We see the external manifestation of scars on our body, but the scar tissue caused by surgeries such as yours protrude deep inside the body. Wheat germ oil sinks deep into the scar tissue itself. The penetration salience of wheat germ oil is significantly greater than that of vitamin E primarily because the frequency of wheat germ oil is much closer to the vibrational frequency of scar tissue. This is why it is more readily absorbed by the body.

Second, both wheat germ oil and vitamin E are nutrients, but wheat germ oil possesses a greater range and variety of nutrients than vitamin E. Vitamin E is as the label suggests – just vitamin E. Wheat germ oil contains vitamin E in addition to Vitamin A and Vitamin D. It also contains a rich supply of protein. The combination of different vitamins and nutrients is why the vibrational frequency of wheat germ oil is closer to that of scar tissue than vitamin E.

Both Vitamin E and wheat germ oil feed and nourish the damaged tissues so the tissues can heal and rejuvenate. When either one is used in combination with a cold laser, you are likely to have a quicker healing response.

To summarize, both are great to use. You might even consider using both, perhaps applying vitamin E in the morning and wheat germ oil in the evening. The cold laser generates heat deep inside the
tissues which is also rejuvenating.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

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