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My Ph.D. Degree


Can you tell me what field your PhD is in?


Thanks for asking! I earned my Ph.D. from Michigan State University in Labor and Industrial Relations in 1981. The university recognized the degree as a social science Ph.D. since we trained across three social science disciplines.

I subsequently taught in the management department of the business school at the University of Texas at Austin. I moved to the University  of Kentucky after five years where I was tenured in a Public Policy

One of my jobs at Kentucky was the Director of Graduate Studies for the Masters of Health Administration Program. My teaching and administrative assignment in the health field shifted my interests into the interesting area of health and wellness.

The research I now do is a far cry from the volumes of refereed work I have previously published with one exception: My expertise is in cumulating the results of research studies – a method in science known as meta-analysis. Meta-analysis is an important tool I employ in the research I now do with Parkinsons issues.

Thanks for your interest.

Robert Rodgers. Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery