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How to Heal Brain Degeneration

I just saw the list of topics for Dr. Hyman’s eight part series he has titled the “Broken Brain” that focuses on how to heal brain degeneration.  We all can view the eight episodes for free next week. I will be watching each of the videos since they all in one way or another apply to symptoms associated with a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease. As you can see below, the list of topics certainly applies to Parkinson’s.

  1. The Broken Brain Epidemic / Dr. Hyman’s Story
  2. Gut Brain Connection: Getting to The Root of a Broken Brain
  3. Losing Your Mind (Alzheimer’s, Dementia, MS. and More)
  4. ADHD and Autism
  5. Depression & Anxiety
  6. Traumatic Brain Injury: Accidents, Sports and More
  7. 7 Steps to An UltraMind (Part 1)
  8. 7 Steps to An UltraMind (Part 2)

One of the fascinating aspects of this series is that the experts in the area will be stressing that the problem with brain degeneration does not reside in the brain. Really you say? But that is where my problem seems to originate. And I would say, yes, really! Find out more about the many sources of brain fog, memory loss and dementia from the experts featured in this remarkable new series.

Click the link below to watch a short video about the new video series and register to watch for free next week.

Click here to Learn More about Broken Brain and Register for Free Access

Watch along with me! Spread the word. There are ways to heal a “broken brain” that your friends and family need to know about.

Robert Rodgers PhD
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease


Broken Brain

Dr. Mark Hyman, one of the leading scholars in how to heal from the inside out, has created a powerful documentary series he has named Broken Brain.  I am privileged to gift it to you as a member of my global audience.

Click here to save your seat

Dr. Hyman gathered leaders in healthcare from across the globe to share their cutting-edge ideas about ways to reverse Parkinson’s, dementia, ADHD, depression, anxiety, autism, MS, Alzheimer’s and other  brain disorders. Some of his featured presenters have been previous guests on Parkinsons Recovery Radio.

I plan on watching the series which kicks off January 17th and invite you to join me. We will learn together new approaches and therapies to heal from the inside out and reverse the symptoms of Parkinson’s.

Click here for free access to the Free Video Series

The focus of the series shifts away from methods to suppress neurological symptoms with medications and supplements and focuses our attention on an array of natural therapies and approaches shown to address the underlying causes.  I am profoundly excited Dr. Hyman has documented the wisdom of brain scholars from across the globe. Best of all, he is making the series available to all of us for free during the week beginning January 17th.

Robert Rodgers PhD
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease