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Apoptosis and Parkinson’s Disease

John Rollins PhD discusses the critical role that is played by Apoptosis and why it has such a critical influence on nervous system health.  What is Apoptosis? It is the body’s natural process for repairing, regenerating and destroying damaged cells. Dozens of studies on Apoptosis are being published every day. It is one of the most researched topics out there right now.

Why is that?  Researchers (including myself) have just realized that understanding Apoptosis offers a genuine understanding about what the body needs to heal at the cellular level. What is the bottom line of this understanding?

Most of us actually do not have access to some of the foods that are needed for cells to rejuvenate and regenerate. This explains why so many people who have launched an A+ recovery program have still not succeeded in reversing all of their symptoms.

Dr. Rollins discusses these issues in detail and offers a little history lesson about his longtime relationship with Dr. Bill McAnalley who was a recent guest on Parkinsons Recovery Radio and founder of Aroga.

Dr. Rollins explains how Aroga products and in particular the Core Pathways, Brain and Nerve Plus and Aloe 1 support and nurture neural tissue health. For more information about Aroga food products click on the link below.

Robert Rodgers PhD
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

Functional Medicine: A New Paradigm in Medicine

Dr. Jennifer Kessman MD discusses how to heal from disease. Functional Medicine has been around for a number of years and began with Dr. Jeffery Bland’s motivation to look at medicine in a different way. Now the field of Functional
Medicine is ever expanding and a center at the Cleveland Clinic has opened its doors for care. It is becoming more widely accepted and parts of functional medicine have been integrated into a wide variety of disciplines in medicine.

Here is a list of questions she answered during my interview with her:

1. What is Functional Medicine?
2. How did you come to get involved?
3. What are the root causes of disease?
4. So, if inflammation is the basis of disease how does functional medicine help with inflammation?
5. Tell me about your experience with Environmental Medicine?
6. Dr. Dale Bredesen and others have found ways to reverse early brain dysfunction and reverse dementia. How are they doing this?
7. Do you think this can apply to Parkinson’s?
8. The immune system is a big actor in most diseases we know- how can we calm our immune system?
9. What has been your experience with environmental impact of electromagnetic fields and brain dysfunction?
10. What is the influence of stress on disease?

Solutions for Parkinson’s Symptoms

On Parkinsons Recovery Radio today. Fred Phillips offered his insights into how he gets immediate relief from a variety of his Parkinson’s symptoms.  His solutions for Parkinson’s symptoms are novel and profound. Do you ever have difficulty when walking with:

  • Freezing?
  • Standing up?
  • Shuffling?
  • Slowness?
  • Leg Cramps?

If so, I strongly recommend that You listen to my interview with Fred today. Click the arrow below to hear the replay. Fred has discovered some powerful, yet simple solutions to these
symptoms that have helped him enormously.

One of now over 70 pioneers of recovery I have hosted on Parkinsons Recovery radio, Fred also previews his 10 step protocol for recovery.

Robert Rodgers PhD
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease




Interested in Healing Parkinsons Disease from the Inside-Out?

Healing Parkinsons Disease

This is a heads up that enrollment for the June class of Jump Start to Recovery has only two (2) enrollments available as of today. Enrollment is limited to 10 participants. It is certainly early to enroll in a June course, but the programs always fill up early. The Early Bird discount is still available

There is no other program like Jump Start to Recovery. The concept is to take control over your own recovery. Once you are in the drivers seat, recovery begins to unfold effortlessly.  The focus of the program is to release and remove all of the reasons why recovery may not be happening for you at the pace and way you want it to unfold.

Robert Rodgers PhD
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

Secrets to Healing: Recovery is Always Moving Toward You

Are Answers are “Out There” Somewhere?

Many people who experience symptoms of Parkinsons Disease engage an aggressive search for ways to reverse them.  Secrets to healing are somewhere “out there” in the universe. The belief is that most of the good answers are difficult to find. The journey for the right answers is much like a treasure hunt for a treasure that is buried in a secret vault – a Fort Knox of sorts that locks up all the answers for reversing Parkinson’s symptoms.

Sometimes the journey involves finding one solution after another. When one
solution fails to produce desired results, a new solution or therapy is pursued.
Some people chase after dozens of therapies. Results are often disappointing time and time again. The search for answers “out there” is exhausting!

Research can and does make a difference. Being better informed can and does make a difference to recovery. That is why I maintain the massive body of resources on options for recovery on the many Parkinsons Recovery websites I subsidize.

But, there is a downside to a search “out there” somewhere for answers. It activates a continuous infusion of adrenaline. Adrenaline rushes are stimulating. They energize the body into action. The downside to adrenaline rushes is that the body has no energy or resources to produce dopamine. What is needed to reverse symptoms is to maintain a delicate balance of dopamine and adrenaline.

Recovery is Always Moving Toward You

There is a companion approach to a search for answers that offers the promise of marvelous results.  Think about recovery as an opportunity that is always moving toward you. It is not something you have to discover by searching long and hard in places far away.

One of the seven secrets to healing a chronic illness like Parkinson’s disease is to
listen to the messages your body is always trying to communicate to you.  The body has a memory of the perfect state of wellness and health. Disease is not the body’s natural state. Health is.  the body is always striving to reverse any disease process that causes neurological symptoms.

Your body is giving you important information every day. Perhaps your intuition tells you to stop dying your hair or stop using a particular shampoo or stop using laundry detergent that is toxic. Perhaps you always tend to discount the instincts about recovery that you get  every day. When you begin to trust these instincts you may marvel at how much better you begin to feel.

  • Finding natural ways to die your hair is not a solution that is “out there.” It is right here!
  • Finding a natural shampoo without toxins is not a mysterious solution that is “out there” somewhere. It is right here!
  • Changing your laundry detergent is not a task that can be performed only by a rocket scientist.

You can do it – right now.

The reality is that recovery is staring you in the face every day. Your job is simple. Pay attention. Act on any and all intuitions that you get when you listen to your body.

The body has all the resources it needs to maintain the delicate balance of adrenaline and dopamine. You usually have to make some life style changes to give the body the support it needs. When the body has the resources it needs to maintain balance, symptoms will melt like an ice cream cone on a hot summer day.

The answers have been staring you in the face all along. They are not “out there.” They have always been moving toward you.

Robert Rodgers PhD
Seven Secrets to Healing  

Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally

What follows is a fascinating report of a revelation about healing Parkinson’s disease from a dream state. Now that is a novel approach. eh? You never know when profound insights might pop up when you are asleep and dreaming.  You might even discover healing Parkinson’s disease is the outcome.

This is what Rick discovered during his dream state as you can see in his email
which I have posted below.  Dreams can reveal critical information about the cause of symptoms that you could never figure out any other way. The mystery is often em bedded deep in our subconscious.

Robert Rodgers PhD
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

Rick’s Experience with Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally

Hi Robert,

I have started doing Qigong after Bianca`s regime.

Apropos intuition I had two dreams on consecutive nights after night time
sessions of qigong/meditation. In the first dream it was presented to me why I had Parkinson’s disease – anger – with an explanation of why. In the second dream I died and was looking down on my body being asked by the controller of the archives where my soul info would be stored what I thought of my life to which I replied

“okay but hard -“

He then asked me why to which I replied that I had been too rigid and controlling of
everything in my life.

I woke up fresh and optimistic. So yes we are our own healers /therapists/doctors if we allow ourselves-

Warm regards and thanks.


Healing Retreat Hawaii

Now that we are in the midst of the holidays – have you been wondering what exciting adventures you can have this coming year?  Do you need a jump start to your program of recovery? I have the perfect answer for you -a Healing Retreat in Hawaii.

Bianca Molle and Judith Lynne have created an amazing experience for persons looking the healing experience of a lifetime.  This is hard for me to believe, but they actually have a few spots left.  I suggest you contact them and register right now before your space is filled.

Robert Rodgers PhD
Road to Recovery

1. Experience Hawaiian healing sounds and movements and visit sacred sites guided by Judith Kahealani Lynne. You will learn effective techniques for enhancing your voice and a simple process for quieting the mind and cultivating an experience of connection and optimism.
2. Practice qigong for vibrant wellness with Bianca Molle. You’ll be provided with daily practice and the tools you can take home with you to begin or deepen your own healing journey.3. Rediscover nature as TEACHER and HEALER as we absorb the offerings of sacred sites and the marine world.


  • -expand movement of the body via qigong and using salt water pool and ocean swims
  • – return home with a ready-made qigong practice program for body and mind
  • – incorporate vocal techniques that improve ability to communicate effectively
  • – experience a meditation practice that has a direct effect on body, mind, spirit
  • – rediscover and recharge a new confidence for healing
  • – daily group practice sessions for Wisdom Healing Qigong

Personal attention with a maximum of 14 guests

Post-retreat follow-up group session

There’s still room for a few more. Contact Judith at
808 987 8099 or 503 858 3004

Diagnosed with PD in 2009, Judith has an inside understanding of the experience of solo traveling as a PWP. A longtime student and practitioner of The Path of Aloha, she has found the teachings of her Hawaiian elders especially helpful for meeting the challenges of living a full life partnered by Parkinson’s. She feels that her sound healing protocols have helped to stabilize her condition and minimize her need for pharmaceuticals. Her DVD, VOCAL ENERGETICS is scheduled for release in early 2014. Currently residing in Portland, OR, Judith considers Hawaii the home of her heart and soul. 


Soon after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 2008, former Marin, CA schoolteacher Bianca Molle, serendipitously found herself at a Wisdom Healing Qigong retreat. Little did she realize that through the regular practice of this beautiful body/mind discipline she would find relief from her Parkinson’s symptoms, eventually leading to dismissal from her neurologist’s office. She has since written a book about this experience. REBOOT AND REJOICE is now available via Amazon and on Kindle. Bianca has a website at where you can view her blog and learn of her coaching and consulting offerings.

Healing from the Inside Out

My radio show interview with Dr. Steve Fenwick today was fascinating.  Are you aware of ways that you sabotage your own recovery from the symptoms of Parkinson’s?  We all sabotage ourselves, but sabotage is serious when it impedes our ability to recover from symptoms that are debilitating. As a psychologist, Dr. Fenwick helps people heal from the inside out.

It takes an hour to hear My interview with Dr. Fenwick but it is well worth the time to listen. Visit the Parkinsons Recovery radio Network page below to hear today’s program:

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Dystonia and Parkinson’s


Hi Robert:

I was just wondering if you know anything about the “healing crisis”  and Parkinson symptoms  and also about the diagnosis of  dystonia?

Keep up the great web site.



About the “Healing Crisis”

I see with great interest that you place the words “healing crisis” in quotes. We may have different interpretations of the meaning for a healing crisis. Here is mine.

When issues come to a head, symptoms flare up and become especially challenging. It is the body’s way of sending us a strong signal that something needs attention. The message is:

If you keep on the way you are going, things are going to get worse. Please pay attention.

What causes the crisis? At the top of the list floats two causes I have witnessed often and that I have seen in myself.

1. Negative thoughts recycle continuously through mind tripping. We are not able to turn the channel off without help.

2. The suppression of feelings which we would prefer to numb and/or ignore.

What symptoms can be expected with a healing crisis? Anything goes here. Think like your body thinks.

How am I going to get her attention here? Do I need to make the existing symptoms dramatically worse so she will notice me? Or, should I manifest new symptoms, pains and discomforts so she will be more likely to notice me?

The body makes a choice and wham. You feel worse. What happens feels quite horrible of course.  You are spun into a desperate state. In the end a healing crisis is a very good thing. We are afforded the opportunity to make some changes in our lives and urged to take action now because we feel so lousy. A healing crisis makes it possible to move on to the next level. After a long absence, we finally return home to our own soul.

Second question: Diagnosis of dystonia

I do not diagnose. I am not a medical doctor. I am not qualified to diagnose anything. I am not saying this for legal reasons. It is true. I do not have a clue how a medical doctor might “diagnose” dystonia which happens when the body has too much medicine.

I do not think in terms of diagnosis. The focus that makes a difference to healing is to be attentive to the messages that our bodies send to us.

I do have a strong sense of what the virgin symptoms of Parkinson’s look like, feel like, taste like and smell like for people who are not on any medications. Movements that are associated from being over medicated are markedly different from the virgin symptoms of Parkinson’s.

When a person takes medication, the levels of medication are fluctuating minute by minute. There will be times of the day when a person is over medicated and times when they are under medicated. If you ask you body at any given moment of the day whether it is over or under medicated it will give you the answer. Think of it as a daily unfolding drama which never ends.

The word dystonia itself is a noun – which makes the problem seem static. The term also invites in negative thought forms. The term itself calls in the false belief template that you can not recover. The false belief that Parkinson’s is “degenerative” is given acknowledgment and weight. This thought process constructs a road block that obstructs the healing process.

Focus on the challenge of balancing the over 40 hormones in the body and your body will love you for it.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

Healing Parkinsons from the Inside Out

During my teleseminar today I interviewed aromatherapist Jean Oswald, RN, who discusses the video that demonstrates the use of essential oils for a man with the symptoms of Parkinson’s. Click on the slider below to view the right part of this page. Then, click on the link to watch the videos.

I also answer questions and present a meditation that is designed to balance hormones. 

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