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Parkinson’s and Nutrition – What is a Good Multi-Vitamin?


Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate receiving your newsletter. My husband has PD and I seem to do more research all the time in learning how to help him do well. He presently take kaunch sand (he calls it that) along with 1 Sinement twice a day. This seems to keep him fairly well…not much shaking, but legs sometimes get weak (he rakes leaves, etc…overdoes at times). He has diabetes type 2 and is on meds for that…would love to get him off! But that might be too much for him to try! We thank God for His help and for you and the hope you offer through your newsletter. I have a CD of ‘Sit and be fit’ for PD sufferers. Hoping to get him started on those exercises.

I’m still looking for a multi-vitamin that is more specifically geared for those with PD. My husband can’t take any large pills or capsules, that is a problem.
   THANKS again for your positive and exceptional coverage on PD.



Thanks so much for your kind words. They are an inspiration.

I will be interviewing a series of naturopaths in Teleseminars over
the next several months. Be sure and ask your question about a good multi-vitamin to all of them.

You can write your question at the bottom of the pre-event announcement pages. You will likely hear different answers, but they will give you a good set of choices to consider.

One approach is to do testing which many naturopaths recommend. There are various forms of testing, but they all yield helpful information
about deficiencies in the body which inform specific supplements that
are needed. I have personally gone the testing route and it has been
very helpful.

There is another approach I think is worth considering. Begin placing an
emphasis on putting good food into the body every day. I personally do this in two ways. I juice live food as often as possible. And, I purchase canisters of Perfect Food from the Garden of Life. This is ground up food in powder form.

They also have “horse pills” which I can not swallow. I also have a terrible problem taking pills. With Perfect Food in powder form I put the powdered food in water and drink it – no pills are required. There are other excellent companies that offer good food in powder form. Perfect Food is just what I use. It was recommended by my naturopath. 

The idea is to begin giving the body the fuel what it needs every day to
function, maintain balance and sustain good health. Over time, most of
the vitamin and mineral deficiencies will be addressed.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

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