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How to Detox Aluminum from your Body

How can I detox Aluminum from my body? My doctor says that my Parkinson’s symptoms may be due in part to the presence of aluminum in my body.

Talk with your doctor about the possibility of using the following substances to reduce your toxic load of aluminum which  may be hanging out in the folds of your brain. Some studies suggest that they can facilitate the release of aluminum in the brain.

  • Magnesium citramate. Magnesium reduces brain levels of mercury and the citramate. A combination of citrate and malate, has been shown to significantly stimulate elimination of aluminum from the body.
  • Ascorbates (as magnesium or calcium ascorbate). A study found ascorbate to be a very effective chelator of aluminum, especially when the aluminum was bound to brain cell DNA. Taking higher doses of ascorbate with the magnesium citramate increased the removal of aluminum even more.
  • Malate. Malate was shown to be one of the more effective aluminum chelators for the brain. Pyruvate (as calcium pyruvate). Pyruvate has been shown to effectively prevent aluminum absorption.
  • Flavonoids. Eat a lot of fresh vegetables. Supplements containing flavonoids, such as quercetin and hesperidin, also prevent aluminum absorption. Chlorella helps remove mercury and lead and may remove aluminum. These supplements are in addition to the antioxidant vitamins you normally take.

Permit me to also point out that the goal here is to get the bad stuff out of the body.  It seems to me to be a bit problematic to achieve this noble goal by putting more stuff into your body. Another option that I actually prefer is to focus on cleaning the primary elimination organs of the body so that your body can do the work of detoxing.

There are too many roadblocks in the body: the kidney and large intestine are likely loaded with too many toxic substances. Instead of focusing on one toxin, step back and focus on strengthening your body’s ability to do the work of detoxing itself. If you are like most people, aluminum is just one of many other toxins that are interfering with the normal function of all systems in your body – especially the neurological system.

Robert Rodgers, PhD
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease