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Toe Spasms


I get bad toe spasms.  How do I  relieve this or get rid  of the spasms?  Thank you.



What an interesting question. You  might investigate the cause of the spasms. What is their origin? What are they really all about?

There are meridian points in each toe. If the spasms are dominate in one or several toes, you might investigate to see what meridians they are connected with.

The spasms may be tied to a trauma of some sort or another. Some researchers have concluded that the source of the Parkinson’s symptoms is rooted in some type of trauma to the feet. The therapy used by a group of researchers in Santa Cruz California is Tin Tui Na. If trauma is the cause, once it is released the spasms should resolve.

Have you listened to my radio show with Ed Bender?

Ed talks about getting relief from cramping in his toes from using vibroacoustic therapy.

Have you listened to the radio show with Susanne Jonas? She has created an acoustic CD for Parkinson’ s disease that might prove useful in giving you relief. The truth is you never know what might help until you try it.

Probably the best strategy is to begin to notice if the spasms are connected with anything in particular – like stressful situations perhaps or the weather or pollens or ….

The source of course may also be toxins which would suggest an entirely different course of action through detoxing.

You might also ask yourself when your toes spasm:

What do you want me to notice now?

Your body is trying to tell you something. The question to solve is to figure out what!

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