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BioFeedback at the Parkinsons Recovery Summit

When the signals between our heart and brain are in coherence, health is supported and our ability to deal with stress improves. My research clearly demonstrates that when people are stressed, their symptoms flare. When stress is under control, symptoms are significnatly muted. The key to maintaining a stress free life is to stay in a state of appreciation and love rather than judgment.

The Institute of HeartMath has developed a highly effective biofeedback technology that allows people to know when we are “in the zone” when our hearts and brains are in coherence. With the clear guidance from the biofeedback signals given by this new technology consistent practice will lead to increasingly more beneficial health results. In other words, this technology is one approach for re-programming your body to be in coherence rather than dissonance.

Robert Bonham, Ph.D., will bring a limited number of these new biofeedback devices to the Parkinsons Recovery Summit in Santa Fe for a small number participants to experience first hand (over the course of the entire Summit). He will be distributing the biofeedback devices to interested persons at the reception which convenes at the La Fonda Hotel in the Historic District of Santa Fe Thursday evening (February 21st).

If you know stress is an issue for you and want to try out this approach for helping your body return to a state of stillness and balance, you might want to contact Robert in advance of the Summit to reserve use of one of the emWave2 biofeedback devices that you can borrow and use throughout the weekend of the Summit. There is no cost involved. Of course, you will  also need to attend the Summit – which people are doing from across the United States, Canada and Europe. It is the event of the year for anyone and everyone who is dedicated to reversing the symptpms they experience that are associated with a diagnosis of Parkinsons Disease.

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Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease