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Inflammation and Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinsons Recovery is dedicated to identifying all options that help people with Parkinsons Reverse their symptoms such as the connection between inflammation and Parkinson’s disease. I received information from Chris about a fascinating resource that is helping her as well as others who currently experience Parkinsons symptoms.  Her correspondence follows.

Robert Rodgers PhD
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

We share a common belief. Parkinson’s can be stopped.

It is individual in its nature and how it affects people. I believe a holistic multipronged approach and a changing approach according to how your body is reacting is the correct way to attack this disease.

Every Neurologist that I have spoken to has said that Parkinson’s will progressively worsen. I do not believe it. I know that my body got here over time and it has the power to heal itself with my help and clean living and exercise.

Dr. Stenberg has a wonderful approach. I believe this will be helpful to people. Dr. Stenberg believes that inflammation is the root of many chronic diseases including Parkinson’s. I have been using his system for a few months now and it has reversed symptoms….not
just stopped them, reversed them.

Here is a link to the Helen Foundation:

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