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Delta Variant

It would seem the delta variant of Covid is responsible for spreading theDELTA-VARIANT
disease more quickly that the original Covid 19. What can you do if you are infected with either virus?

Of course, check with your medical doctor immediately. I am not a medical doctor, but I wanted you to know what my own doctor recommended if I or a member of my family is infected.

Anti-histamines Help Knock Out the Delta Variant

My own doctor recommended that I take antihistamines if infected with the Delta Variant of the corona virus. There are a variety of over the counter options. My naturopath has some high quality anti-histamine options which I decided to order in case someone in my family is infected.  I recommend you check with your own doctor about natural alternatives that might recommend or have available.

Changing your diet should also help. Incorporate fresh foods like fruits and vegetables, fresh meat seafood, and whole grains. I found this listing of foods on the internet that contain high histamines which should be avoided:

  • Fermented dairy products, such as cheese (especially aged), yogurt, sour cream, buttermilk, and kefir.
  • Fermented vegetables, such as sauerkraut and kimchi.
  • Pickles or pickled veggies.
  • kombucha.
  • cured or fermented meats, such as sausages, salami, and fermented ham.


If you get infected with the Corona 19 virus or any of its spin offs, my doctor tells me taking anti-histamines and changing your diet can offer welcome relief from your symptoms. She said any over the counter anti-histamine product would likely help offer symptom relief. Most naturopaths have high quality anti-histamine supplements available, so no matter what, be sure and check with your doctor about any specific options they recommend.

Robert Rodgers PhD
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

Photobiomodulation Parkinson’s Study

Photobiomodulation Parkinson’s Study Results Released

Finally! I have been eagerly waiting to learn results of a 3 year Australian photobiomodulation Parkinson’s study that examined the impact of light therapy (using devices) on symptoms of persons diagnosed with Parkinson’s. Results have finally been published.

Documented reductions in symptoms far exceeded my expectations. Measures of mobility, cognition, dynamic balance and fine motor skill for the 12 Parkinson’s research subjects were significantly improved (p < 0.05) with photobiomodulation treatment for 12 weeks and up to one year. Many individual improvements were above the minimal clinically important difference, the threshold judged to be meaningful for participants. Individual improvements varied but many continued for up to one year with sustained home treatment.

The design of this study was eloquent. Participants were assessed for mobility, fine motor skills, balance and cognition before treatment began, after 4 weeks of treatment, after 12 weeks of treatment and the end of the home treatment period. 

Researchers drew the following conclusions:

“PBM (photobiomodulation) was shown to be a safe and potentially effective treatment for a range of clinical signs and symptoms of PD. Improvements were maintained for as long as treatment continued, for up to one year in a neurodegenerative disease where decline is typically expected.” 

The Future of Medicine has Arrived

Click on the link below to hear my interview on Parkinsons Recovery Radio with Dr. Lew Lim, inventor of Vielight photobiomodulation devices. This interview was conducted before publicatio of the photobiomodulation Parkinson’s study.

I predict the future of medicine rests with innovative therapies that utilize light and sound to bring the body back into balance and harmony.  Neurons are cells that contain mitochondria. Photobiomodulation energizes neuronal mitochondria, triggering a cascade of beneficial cellular functions. Potential benefits are:

  • Neuroprotective effects.
  • Self-repair mechanisms and
  • Enhanced functionality.

Results of this photobiomodulation Parkinson’s study affirm  these expectations.

I predict Dr. Lim’s new invention promises to set health care in new and exciting directions and has the potential to offer far reaching benefits to persons experiencing Parkinson’s symptoms.

After listening to this interview, I am even more optimistic about this therapy for Parkinson’s and other conditions including mental fog and dementia. Be sure to listen to my interview with Dr. Lim posted at the top of this post. I believe Dr. Lim is a true pioneer who has invented medicine of the future which uses light.

Intranasal photobiomodulation is the most efficient method for light energy to reach the brain. Different from electrical and magnetic stimulation, photobiomodulation uses light energy (or photons) of specific wave lengths and power density to simulate cellular function.

Dr. Lim is an engineer and a Doctor of Natural Medicine with additional diplomas in Medical Neuroscience and Business and Accountancy. He obtained his degrees and diplomas from the University of California at Berkeley, University of Sheffield, Duke University, Quantum University and The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, UK.

About the Vielight Photobiomodulation Device

The company, Vielight, has generously offered followers of Parkinsons Recovery a 10% discount off orders of the the Vielight Neuro Gamma device which retails for $1749. Enter the coupon code healing4me on the shopping  cart. The website:


Vielight is so confident in its new product that you get six (6) months to try out their newly invented  photobiomodulation therapy. If for any reason you are not satisfied, you can return it for a 80% refund. I have never heard of a company that is so confident in their product that such a generous warranty can be extended. They obviously have high confidence in their new invention. While there is scant evidence about its effectiveness for people who experience symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, the opportunity to try it out for minimal risk is currently available.

Are Medicines or Supplements no Longer Working for You?

If the answer is yes to this question,  what treatment options remain? There is, of course, Deep Brain Stimulation available as an option, but I am well aware many of you prefer not to pursue this treatment option. It is my hope and prayer that photobiomodulation therapy will become a natural option that supports the therapeutic effect of medicines and supplements such that the dosage does not have to be increased or even can be reduced under close supervision of your doctor.

I thus recommend that you consider this therapy so we can discover together whether my prediction of success is right or wrong.Can claim a 10% discount if you use the Parkinsons Recovery discount code of healing4me.

  1. Get 6 months of use to see if it offers symptomatic relief or not.
  2. Risk is reduced 80% since you can return the device within the 6 month period after purchase for an 80% refund of the purchase price.
  3. Everyone in the family can use the therapy.

The Vielight company obviously has confidence in their product which is a very encouraging sign. I have never heard of any company that offered a 6 month warranty. You can purchase any of the Vielight devices   from the Vielight website:

Be sure to enter the coupon code healing4me on the Vielight shopping cart to claim your Parkinsons Recovery 10% discount. Please also email me your experience with using it after a month (or longer) of use.

Research on Light Therapy from MIT

The following video previews recent research at MIT that explains why light therapy offers a promising opportunity to reverse dementia associated with a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease.

I hope many of you will try this therapy out and let me know the result. It is not a permanent “fix” to be sure, but neither is medicine. I am attracted to this option because it is noninvasive and inexpensive over the long term when you consider it can be used for a lifetime and by all members of the household.

Photobiomodulation Mechanism

Photobiomodulation Parkinson's Study

Visible red and near infrared light energy stimulates cells to generate more energy facilitating self-repair. The healing takes place within the mitochondria through an enzyme called cytochrome c oxidase. This enzyme accepts and converts the light (or photonic) energy into cellular energy (ATP) and other gene transcription factors leading to cellular repair and regeneration.

Will Photobiomodulation Therapy Interfere with My Daily Life?

No. You are welcome to receive the therapy while working, reading or doing anything really.  Dr. Lim, the inventor, recommends that people with more serious health issues such as Alzheimers might be advised to do the therapy at night while going to sleep. The treatment duration lasts only 20 minutes.

Photobiomodulation Parkinson's study
Photobiomodulation Therapy while Working

Robert Rodgers PhD
Olympia Washington
Parkinsons Recovery
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

What follows is an email I have permission to post regarding the   photobiomodulation gamma device  from Vielight.  As with any therapy, do your due diligence in deciding whether this therapy is right for you.

“I want to let you know my wife’s experience so far with the Vielight gamma device.

We received the device on 1/25/18 and started using the device per Dr. Lim’s instructions 6 days on 1 day off. It took about 3 weeks to start seeing benefits. The benefits have been clearer head, more confident, better balance(hasn’t fallen since 1/15/18 with prior multiple falls weekly), better gait, much less threshold challenges, and has been able to reduce medication by about a third.

A little history about my wife, she has had Parkinson’s since 1995. Per her neurologist as of May 2017 she was level 4 with the disease ready for wheel chair. In June 2017 we began our journey with here in Norfolk, Va. She completed 40 dives, which basically gave her her life back. It was the best money we have ever spent on her treatment. You can see her video on their website.
After the last month of the vielight, we have experienced an extension of the benefits similar to HBOT but the Vielight has done more overall and at this point is much better investment.
Thanks again for getting the word out on Vielight. Please feel free to use this information to help others.”
Gordon Glover

Why Toxins Stick to Our Body Like Super Glue

Many persons who currently experience symptoms of Parkinsons are terribly  frustrated. They have determined through one diagnostic test or another that their body contains toxins - perhaps a heavy metal or pesticide or herbicide or… Research on Parkinson’s symptoms has revealed many toxins are the culprits that wreak havoc on neurological systems. It does not take much to upset neurons. Their sensitivity is off the charts.

This frustration stems from various attempts to get rid of the toxins. Valient efforts are made. Nothing seems to do the trick. Have you experienced this frustration?

Perhaps you listen to one of my radio shows with a prestigious researcher  who recommends herbs as the ideal detox.

  1. You buy the herbs.
  2. You take the herbs.
  3. The recommended treatment is engaged.

Alas, the toxins continue to stick to your tissues like super glue.
Diagnostic assessments reveal the guilty toxin is still present in dangerous
levels. It does not get more frustrating than this, eh?

Most people who follow my work are dedicated to the end goal of recovery. They do not give up with the first therapy. More investigation is launched. A second detox protocol is begun. This one involves chelation under the close supervision of their doctor.

After pursuing the chelation protocol to its logical end, the toxicity remains. Toxins have a stubborn resilience. They appears to love hanging out in your body.

You too are stubborn. You continue to embrace one detox protocol after another. After all, there are other protocols and other doctors. Still, results do not shift. The toxins refuse to budge. Frustration begins to sizzle like a steak on  a backyard grill in summertime.

Nothing Gets Rid of My Toxins

  •  You certainly did not extend an invitation for the toxin to invade your body.
  • You certainly did not marry the toxin.

The toxins are just like a foreign enemy that refuses to surrender. Why? They are fighting furiously to defend their own territory which, of course , happens to be inside your body.

Why in the world does the highly toxic substance insist on invading your body
when they were not invited and certainly not welcome and worse have become
encapsulated? The answer to this million dollar question turns on a connection that is a mystery to most people.

Toxins and trauma go hand in hand like two love birds on their honeymoon.
Toxins do stick to the cells like super glue until  trauma (which is also
trapped at the cellular level) is released.

Agent Orange

The connection between toxins and trauma is profound. I will focus on one strong connection to explain the connection: exposure to Agent Orange (a deadly toxin) and the neurological symptoms associated with a diagnosis of Parkinsons Disease.

The body has an  intricate system for eliminating toxic substances. It retains what is needed and throws out what is unnecessary or harmful. If there is a massive
exposure of a toxin, it will take the body time – sometime years – to release all
the nasty chemicals that will eventually devastate the organs and tissues.

Why is it then that some soldiers who were exposed to Agent Orange during the Vietnam war are just now showing the effects of that exposure as seen through neurological symptoms, cancers or other illnesses? Wasn’t 40 years sufficient time for the body to do its job? Not when trauma was present at the time of the exposure.

The Vietnam War (as with any war) was a horrifying experience for all military personnel who participated. Trauma was not experienced for a brief minute as is the case with an automobile accident. It was experienced throughout the duration of their service which was one long year.

When a soldier was exposed to Agent Orange, they were functioning under highly traumatic conditions. At the moment of the exposure the body makes a direct connection between the two. There is a tight connection is formed at that very moment between
the toxin and the trauma.

What does the body do under traumatic circumstances? It either flees or freezes.

Soldiers could not flee unless they deserted. Some did. Suicide was an option
some elected to take. The much more common reaction was to freeze. This is what all animals do under such circumstances. They freeze dead in their tracks, hoping that the
enemy will not spot them. All secondary systems in the body are shut down,
including the systems that eliminate toxins naturally.

The toxins are tied, linked and stuck to the trauma. It is as if they are married to one another, holding hands as they celebrate their 40th anniversary.

If you fit into that category of persons who are frustrated because you have been unable to eliminate toxins (we we all have toxins in our body) then I suggest that you first investigate therapies that will help you release the trauma. Redirect your energies toward the work of releasing the trauma that is trapped inside the cells of your body.

Release of toxins will follow in due course. Many options are available today that
help people with Parkinson’s symptoms release the trauma that has been frozen
in their cells.

  1. Settle on a therapy that your intuition tells you is perfect for you and your body.
  2. Experience the relief from stress and tension as the trauma takes a long awaited exit from the stage of your life.
  3. Watch the secondary benefit with delight as those nasty toxins begin to stampede out of your body at long last.

Robert Rodgers PhD
Parkinsons Recovery
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease
Olympia Washington








Frequency Healing

I am excited to extend a warm invention to register for my no cost course, The Future of Medicine, which focuses on transformative frequency healing methods. New technologies are now making it possible to support the body’s natural ability to heal from the inside out. The need to suppress symptoms will become less and less necessary.

Have you been struggling with finding ways to help you feel better? Recent discoveries and new technologies afford us all opportunities to heal in ways never imagined five years ago. Frequency healing can now be delivered with light, sound and  electromagnetic stimulation.  You will learn all about them in my new course.

Click the secure link below to learn more about my new no cost course. Be prepared to discover new technologies that are little know today but will become standard practice in the years to come.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Olympia, Washington

Forget About It

Forget About It

I have a recommendation for you to consider that you may well think is outrageous. I admit it. It is outrageous. But I predict if you follow my recommendation, you will be surprised and pleased with the result.

My suggestion – which costs nothing by the way – is to forget about the fact you have been
diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. My recommendation obviously needs an explanation which I will offer by way of explaining why some people recover from cancer and others do not.

Cancer Survivors

People who are more likely to recover from cancer have one trait in common. They forget about it. They focus their energy on making the changes in their life that are necessary to help their body heal.  They spend  time eating nutritious food, exercising every day and living their life to the fullest. They embrace their passions, especially those they have neglected.

People who do not recover from cancer focus their energy on the cancer itself.

  • They focus their thoughts and attention to where the cancer is believed to be located in their body.
  • They consider over and over again the methods that must be used to kill the cancer.
  • They spend their time in hospitals and clinics receiving invasive treatments.
  • They become intimately acquainted with the technical terminology used by medical doctors. In just a few weeks they sound like doctors.

When I just used the word “cancer” – did you feel a tinge of fear crawl up your spine? Did you perhaps think  to yourself …

Oh my! Having Parkinson’s is enough for anyone. Is it possible I have cancer too?

Just reading about cancer is traumatic for people. Guess what?  We all have
cancer cells in our body. Cancer cells are everywhere – in our toes and in our head. No one is exempt.  Most people give their cancer cells get far too much attention. It is this intense
attention and fear that feeds and nourishes the cancer to grow rapidly and thrive. It gives them energy.

Who Recovers from Parkinson’s Disease?

Permit me now to apply the same ideas about cancer to Parkinson’s. Didn’t you go
into fear just like everyone else when you were told you had “Parkinson’s disease”?
I say : Forget about it.

Drain the entire experience of being told you have this “disease” town the toilet. I predict you will be much happier.

  1. You will have more enthusiasm.
  2. You will have more time to focus attention on taking the positive steps needed to reverse your symptoms.
  3. You will enjoy spending more time with your family. You will regenerate your love of life.

Let the doctors and researchers agonize over a diagnosis. Let them worry which treatments to recommend for “Parkinson’s Disease.” That happens to be the work that they have chosen. Acknowledge that it is the job of medical doctors and researchers to sort through these issues. You are not being paid a handsome salary to think these thoughts. They are.

Centering your moment to moment thoughts on a diagnosis of Parkinson’s that your doctor has declared need not dominate or ruin your life. Any diagnosis – yours included – is simply the opinion of one person anyway.  There is no definitive way to diagnose Parkinson’s disease. My research shows there is a very good chance you do not have
what is labeled as classic “Parkinson’s disease. You have something else. Why get
depressed over a disease state you may have never have had anyway?

When you forget about it, you no longer have to think about whether a “cure” will be
found in your lifetime. Right? It does not matter a flip. You have forgotten about it. Let the doctors and researchers worry about finding a cure. Again, that is what they are being paid to do.

You are not being paid to think about a cure – so why bother? It
just clutters up your mind with thoughts that you can do nothing about.

I believe when you forget about it, you have the opportunity to become more mindful of all the signals your body is sending to you moment to moment. Symptoms no longer have an overarching label of a “disease.” They are simply discrete messages that your body sends to you moment to moment. The point of the messages you are being given is that a change is required of some type for your symptoms to resolve. Instead of trying to silence the symptoms with drugs, why not listen to them? Allow your body is talk to you.

  • Perhaps you simply need to drink more water.
  • Perhaps you simply need to breathe more deeply.
  • Perhaps you need to stop using a cell phone.
  • Perhaps you need to stop eating sugar.
  • Perhaps you need more exercise.
  • Perhaps …

If you insist on attaching yourself to the proposition you have Parkinson’s
disease, you are much more likely to wait around for a “cure” than to realize that in the moment, all you may need to do to feel better is to drink water, breath more deeply and exercise.

Focusing on a disease – Parkinson’s in this case – generates negative thoughts.
It activates and sustains depression. Focusing on your passions opens endless possibilities of exploration and experimentation.

  • Want to live a happier life despite whatever symptoms you currently experience?
  • Want to reverse depression?
  • Want to have more energy to live your life to the fullest?


Certainly there are many ways to accomplish these goals. One of the smartest and might I add cheapest ways is to simply just forget you have Parkinson’s disease. Let your doctor worry about a cure. Get on with the business of healing and pursuing your passions.
I predict you will be happy you did.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Road to Recovery from Parkinson’s Disease
Parkinsons Recovery

What Parkinson’s Therapies Relieve Symptoms?

To answer the one question Parkinsons Recovery survey item click on the secure link below. After providing your input, I will email you a link to the report of  therapies others have found to be most useful.

Parkinsons Recovery Survey About Therapies that Offer Symptom Relief 

Robert Rodgers PhD
Parkinsons Recovery
Olympia Washington USA



Is Parkinsons Degenerative?

Let’s find out if Parkinson’s is degenerative. Please click on the secure link below to report on your experience. I will then send you a summary of what other people have reported to be their own experience.

Parkinsons Recovery One Question Survey 

Robert Rodgers PhD
Parkinsons Recovery



CBD Reported to Reverse Symptoms of Parkinson’s

Can taking CBD oil offer relief from your symptoms? We now have evidence the answer may be yes.

Responses are pouring in for my annual Parkinsons Recovery survey that gathers information about natural therapies that help members of my audience celebrate symptom relief.  People report using many unique therapies, techniques and  approaches that make a difference.

I will be posting summaries results. Floating to the top of the list of therapies reported to cbd oilbe useful is CBD oil which is now legal in all US states. It clearly helps some people but as with all therapies not everyone.

If you have not had an opportunity to try CBD oil, I recommend CTFO (Changing The Future Outcomes).

I am comfortable recommending this as a source because they have an excellent product with high penetration and the highest quality in the industry. They also offer a full 100% refund if the used empty  bottle is returned with 60 days after purchase. There is no risk to trying this as a treatment option. If it does not help, you are only out the cost of shipping.

About CBD Oil

The endocannabinoid system has attracted considerable interest as a potential therapeutic target in numerous pathological conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and multiple sclerosis, as well as anorexia and irritable bowel syndrome. It is s involved with a variety  physiological processes such as  energy balance, appetite stimulation, blood pressure, pain modulation, embryogenesis, nausea and vomiting control, memory, learning and immune response among others.

CBD Research

Clinical research on CBD (cannabidiol) includes studies of anxiety, cognition, movement disorders, and pain. A listing of the studies is posted on the Parkinsons Recovery webpage listed below. Quite a few of the listed studies were published recently.  Researchers have been finding excellent results in their studies that are consistent with reports from users who reported symptom relief from the Parkinsons Recovery Survey this year.

Robert Rodgers PhD
Parkinsons Recovery
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease
Olympia Washington

What Really Matters

What really matters when it comes down to a successful program of recovery? 

What needs to happen to celebrate a reversal of neurological symptoms?

Results of a Parkinsons Recovery survey answer these questions. What survey you ask?

Each year during the holiday season I send out a one question survey to members of the global Parkinsons Recovery audience. The question asked on the survey was:

“Please list below natural therapies that have helped you experience relief from symptoms of Parkinson’s disease”

I am always surprised and awed with the variety and diversity of therapies reported to have been helpful. When I examined results of the survey, I asked myself the question – what is the common theme here?

The answer quickly became crystal clear. Therapies reported to have been useful in reversing Parkinson’s symptoms turn down the volume of the sympathetic nervous system (which inflames symptoms) and switch on the parasympathetic (which soothes symptoms).

There is no single approach, method or therapy that flips the switch.  Each person discovers their own unique way to make this happen for themselves. Dozens of therapies are reported to have been useful in this regard as reflected in my survey. They are now thoroughly listed and documented in my online course What Really Matters that rolls out a comprehensive explanation and review of each recovery  option. Click on the What Really Matters Link below to register and take advantage of the 7 day free trial.

What Really Matters

While there are a surprising number of natural therapies that help, I wanted you to know about several in particular. Which ones among the many natural therapies will offer relief from your Parkinson’s symptoms? Consider the following possibilities.

Turmeric helps prevent depletion of dopamine, reduces oxidative stress and reverses inflammation

Magnesium is a natural muscle relaxant which helps address issues with rigidity and constipation.

Lion’s Mane Mushrooms
Lion’s Mane Mushrooms show welcome benefits as a therapy to reverse symptoms

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF)
One reason detoxes are unsuccessful is compromised circulation. PEMF is an ideal therapy to address this problem.

Passion Flower
Some persons who experience neurological symptoms report Passion Flower has been helpful

Online Course Information 

The new What Really Matters online course rolls out a comprehensive explanation and review of each recovery  option. Click on the What Really Matters Link below to register  and take advantage of the 7 day free trial.

What Really Matters

Fasting is a natural way for the body to produce ketones which are the most efficient fuel for our brains.

Eliminate Dairy
Research consistently reports that eating dairy is a significant predictor of who experiences symptoms of Parkinson’s.

Research studies report that CBD helps to shut down anxiety. Once anxiety is brought under control, relief of symptoms follows.

Light Therapy – Photobiomodulation
Reports from persons who experience symptoms of Parkinson’s indicate light therapy has a beneficial impact on symptoms for 9 out of 10 users

Fava Beans
Aunt Bean has formulated a home made fava bean tincture that offers welcome relief from her Parkinson’s symptoms. Here is the recipe so you can prepare it for yourself.

Food as Medicine
Do you insist on only eating organic food? Great, but guess what? Eating organic is not enough. The food necessary for cellular healing is actually not available or sold in most food outlets.

N-Acetylcysteine (NAC)
N-Acetylcysteine (NAC) is a natural anti-oxidant that boosts glutathione levels which are usually dangerously low in persons diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

Low Dose Naltrezone (LDN)
Low Dose Naltrezone (LDN) is a prescription medicine that boosts the immune system. It is reported by some persons diagnosed with Parkinson’s to have been beneficial.

Hot Ginger Spine Therapy
Macrobiotic Guru Warren Kramer’s Hot Ginger Spine Therapy

Secret to Recovery
When most people get sick they immediately gravitate toward finding something they can put into their body, but …

Importance of Balance in Diet and Lifestyle
Excesses in diet and lifestyle sustain tremors. When you eat mostly meat or carbs – you are out of balance. When you work 24/7 you are out of balance.

Inclined Bed Therapy
Improve circulation while you sleep by raising the head of your bed 6-8 inches.

Infusion of Energy
An Exercise to Kick Start Your Energy using your siren voice along with a simple movement of arms and body.

Fermented Papaya

Three Types of Toxins
There is no such thing as a single detox protocol that gets rid of any and all toxins. So, which therapies should be used for which toxins?

Heavy Metal Toxicity
Types of heavy metal toxicity and methods to detox them

Problems with Tying Shoe Laces or Buttoning a Shirt?
Devices designed to make typing shoe laces or buttoning your shirt easier may not be in your best and highest good.

Vibration Therapy
Vibration Therapy offers symptom relief.

Many individuals who experience symptoms of Parkinson’s report Yoga has been a life saver.

Emotion Code

Dozens of natural options have been shown to offer relief from symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. The listing of possibilities above offers a sneak preview of the many shown to be helpful.

Among dozens of others, these options are rolled out in my new “What Really Matters” online course. Each option is thoroughly documented, accompanied by the research evidence (when available) that evaluates each option’s efficacy for persons who experience Parkinson’s symptoms. Selections are inspired by what members of my audience report has helped them get relief from their symptoms.

Click on the What Really Matters Link below to register  and take advantage of the 7 day free trial.

What Really Matters

Robert Rodgers PhD
Parkinsons Recovery
Olympia, Washington


Rock Solid Walking

Are you interested in rock solid walking? Are you sometimes anxious because of a fear you might …

  • Freeze
  • Trip
  • Stumble
  • Fall

When these fears rear their ugly head the possibility of falling, freezing, stumbling  and tripping becomes even more likely. Ugh! Many practical solutions to mobility challenges do exist. I have documented what people with Parkinson’s report helps their walking to become rock solid.

Rock Solid Walking Online Course

Selected for inclusion in this comprehensive online course are the most useful tips, strategies, therapies and suggestions I have documented during the past decade and a half. Many are taken from the wisdom of guests on Parkinsons Recovery Radio.

I want everyone to know about the many proven techniques, therapies and strategies that offer the promise of reducing the troubling consequence of falling, freezing and tripping. It is high time to stop worries about having to make visits to hospital emergency rooms because of broken bones, sprains or muscle tears.

The strategies, suggestions and tips for walking have been taken from the wisdom of two primary sources: individuals with Parkinson’s symptoms and knowledgeable health care professionals. Radio show guests reveal how they have succeeded in improving their own gait, walking pace and overall stability.

Physical therapists and other health care professions who work with persons with Parkinson’s symptoms  offer practical suggestions that they use with their patients. .


Ease of mobility is derailed when there is a disconnection between the mind and the body. This course covers how to restore this connection.

The Fundamentals
Discover tried and true strategies that make it possible for walking to be balanced, centered, stable and safe every time.

Feet need to be flexible and malleable for walking to be rock solid. Locations of rigidity in the bottom of your feet give important clues about why mobility is compromised.

Sometimes a limitation or obstruction of peripheral vision accounts for mobility challenges. Other times it is a question of where you look when walking.

A reason for falling, tripping and freezing is a lack of grounding. The human energy field that supports the physical body is top heavy. Discover ways to balance and center the energy field.

Simple exercises are discussed that address specific problems with mobility including poor posture, rigidity, freezing and shuffling.

Mindful Walking
Studies report that becoming mindful promotes walking that is rock solid. Become totally aware of the “now” experience rather than regretting the past or worrying about the future.

How to Kick Start Mobility
Practical Suggestions for How to Kick Start Mobility Challenges

Sound Therapy
Research shows that listening to music that has well defined beats and rhythms facilitates a steady and reliable pace of walking.

Light Therapy
Light can have an immediate effect on effortless mobility. For some people, wearing glasses that allow a specific color to dominate vision shifts walking from being awkward to effortless.

The online Rock Solid Walking course is accessible using any phone or computer.

Click on the image below for more information about Rock Solid Walking Online Course which is accessible anytime, anywhere. rock solid walking

Spinal Decompression
Problems with mobility can be caused by compression in the spine which can be corrected with a series of chiropractic adjustments.

Break Down Each Movement into its Component Parts
Any movement can be broken down into its component parts which make up the whole. Focus on the parts – not the movement taken as a whole. .

Solution for Tick Tock Walking
Re-train your body to remember how to walk with evenly paced, evenly distanced strides.

Stochastic Resonance Therapy
A new invention from Germany adds a critical feature to vibration therapy by delivering the frequency of the vibrations randomly.

Chakra Healing
Watch a demonstration of a brief chakra healing using the voice to emit sounds that open up the energy flow through chakras.

Solution for Rigidity
Magnesium is a muscle relaxant and one of the best therapies that offer relief from rigidity and stiffness..

Underlying Cause of Gait Difficulties
What really lies as the foundation of mobility challenges? Answer: Trauma locks up the muscles and freezes flexibility

Dance Your Way to Success
The Tango – among other dances – helps maintain balance and centeredness. It is also fun and energizing.

Issues with Walkers
Are you considering using a walker to prevent falls? Select one that supports good posture rather than destroying it.

Access Memories to Facilitate Rock Solid Walking
When struggling with large or small movements, recall an activity of the past that involved doing a similar movement effortlessly.

Consistent practice of yoga helps make rock solid walking a reality

One Vitamin that Helps Maintain Balance and Prevent Falls
You may need to take more than you realize to get the benefit expected!

Click on the image below for more information about Rock Solid Walking Online Course which is accessible anytime, anywhere. rock solid walking

Robert Rodgers PhD

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Take a Giant Leap for Recovery

Take a Giant Leap for Recovery
With 14 Small Steps

After years of intensive research I have documented dozens of natural therapies that offer relief from the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.  When I began my search I expected to find several good therapies at best. The good news is that there are many.

So many in fact, that many members of my audience have become overwhelmed and frustrated with the options. More and more people are asking …

  1. Where do I start?
  2. Which options are right for me?
  3. Which therapies offer the promise of relief from my symptoms?

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What has happened is unexpected. Many people do not even know where to start or how. The first step is often never taken due to confusion and frustration over the overload of information about what works and what does not work. Surfing the internet will make your hair fall out! There is just too much information out there for any single person to digest.

I have thoroughly documented these therapies in Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease.  The good news is that most therapies do offer relief to one extent or another. Some people have better success with some therapies than others. The bad news is that most offer temporary relief.

  • What steps can be taken to achieve long lasting relief?
  • How can you heal from the inside-out rather than paying lots of money for therapies that offer temporary relief at best?

There is no single therapy, action or habit that does the trick. Many people seek this type of solution and for good reason. We all want to feel better right now. Why wait?  Suppressing symptoms can offer temporary relief for some people.

The key can achieving sustained relief from Parkinson’s symptoms is to put the  sympathetic nervous system in the back seat and the parasympathetic nervous system in the driver’s seat. Medicines do not accomplish this, nor do supplements. Simple, easy to do steps must be taken that can offer long lasting relief from symptoms.

This insight has inspired the development of this online course, Giant Leap for Recovery. Is it possible to experience a leap in recovery by embracing a single approach? My answer is no.

One of the reasons more people do not get well is that they are forever looking for that one solution that will fix everything. Such a one stop “fix” to the problem does not exist now nor will it ever exist in the future.

Long lasting relief from symptoms results from taking small steps, one by one. At the end of the journey, you can look back at the starting point and celebrate the progress that has made it possible to take a giant leap in your recovery.

America succeeded in being the first nation to land and walk on the moon by breaking down the problem into tiny parts to be solved.  This remarkable feat was not accomplished with a single blast or one amorphous effort. It was accomplished by taking small steps, one by one. Recall the words spoken by Neil Armstrong when he first stepped on the moon:

That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.

Giant Leap for Recovery Course  Details

This online course is offered on a spectacular course platform that presents information for each class in the form of videos, audios, text descriptions and downloads. Everything you need for each class is found in the same place. I have set up enrollment with a free 7 day trial so you can see how the course platform functions. Your credit card is not charged until the 7 day trial ends. Enrollment can always be before the trial period concludes.

Steps are rolled out every five days. The design invites you to explore and implement recommendations for each of the 14 steps. You can embrace each of the steps yourself. None of them require assistance medical professional or the purchase therapies.

Now while you can access the course materials any time of the day or night – you are also invited to always contact me with any follow-up questions or issues that have arisen. I am here to support your journey down the road to recovery. My intention is to offer all the support you need to establish a successful journey down the road to recovery.

Videos, audios, downloads and explanations of the steps are included with each class.

The giant leap is now completed, I want to thank you for this approach. I was surprised by the result, it gave me more hope in finding my own reason of this disease. I am still working on it, after seven years of Parkinson, I only have 2 Sinemet (100/25) per day.

I try to minimize the medication and find a way to heal inside.

Thank you for your support.

All the best for you and your family

Cheers Manon

What are the 14 Steps?

I am not going to tell you, nor explain them in advance. Really you say? Really.

The entire point of Giant Leap for Recovery is to make implementation of each step easy, interesting and fun. I think it best that no one looks ahead at what is coming. After all, taking the challenge of recovery moment to moment is one of the keys to reducing stress! Fixing yourself in the future is one sure fire way to create unnecessary stress. Recovery depends on reducing stress, not inflaming it!

I do want to be clear that all of the steps can be taken with the resources you have available. This has nothing to do with suggesting you purchase and/or  take certain supplements or seek out therapists of one type or another. For you to be in the driver’s seat, you need to be in full control of your recovery and not rely on others to fix you.

I can report that you are never going to be able to guess what the 14 steps entail. I am quite sure you have never thought about the usefulness to recovery to many of them. The purpose of each step taken as a whole is to provide the foundation for recovery that can be sustained over the long run.


Click Here to Enroll in Giant Leap for Recovery ($100 Tuition)

Once enrolled, you will have instant access to the course content which kicks off with Step One.

Robert Rodgers PhD
Founder 2004 Parkinsons Recovery
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease
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Check Out The Parasympathetic Summit

Marvelous presentations will  be available on the Parasympathetic Summit which is free to access this weekend. I encountered marvelous suggestions from watching some of the presentations last week myself.  It is well worth catching the interview with very knowledgable health care professionals.
Do you have an issue with anxiety? Check out the Parasympathetic Summit this weekend!
The key to reversing neurological symptoms is to nurture and support the function of your parasympathetic nervous system. It activates your ability to relax and heal, routing

blood flow to your organs of digestion and detoxification, slowing your heart rate, normalizing your breathing and calming anxiety and depression.

Learn to balance your nervous system when you attend this complimentary, online event!

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Olympia, Washington

Rethinking Parkinson’s Disease

John Coleman’s new book, Rethinking Parkinson’s Disease, is to date the most thorough exploration of the etiological pathways (causes) leading to diagnosis with Parkinson’s disease or similar neuro disorders.Rethinking Parkinson
This is the replay of my interview with John on Parkinsons Recovery radio last Saturday
John explains how and why trauma, toxins and stealth infections create symptoms diagnosed as a “disease” such as Parkinson’s and responds to a number of questions submitted by listeners of Parkinsons Recovery Radio.
Robert Rodgers PhD
Parkinsons Recovery

The Gold Standard of Caretaking

A surprising number of persons diagnosed with Parkinson’s have spent their entire life caretaking others rather than taking care of themselves.  Friends and family alike become familiar with the “always available and reliable” caretaker of the family who is too often you!

Since caretaking is such a huge issue for persons traveling down the road to recovery, here are critical rules of caretaking to always keep close to your chest.

  1. Always – day in and day out – give to yourself the same care and attention that you give to others.  This is the number one rule for a reason. Most caretakers violate it all the time.
  2. You are not an endless resource for others to take advantage of anytime of the day or night. When you are not taking good care of yourself, you can be of little help to others. Why?
    • Your energy will deplete.
    • Your health will deteriorate.
    • You will resent taking care of others.
  3. Your needs will be different from your family and friends.
  4. You do not need to feel guilty about saying “no” to requests for assistance.
  5.  Taking time for unwinding is time well spent. How do you best unwind? (Note the question is not how should you unwind or how do others unwind.) What helps you relax, chill out and have fun? Do it.
    • Not occasionally.
    • Every day.
  6. You are not being selfish by taking time every day for yourself and only yourself. If you do not take time out of every day for yourself, you will do a lousy job when you are caretaking family and friends.

In summary, once a caretaker, always a caretaker. The recommendation here is simple: Just be a top notch caretaker of yourself.

Robert Rodgers PhD
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

Address Constipation: A Critical Step to Recovery from Parkinson’s

The big picture: Light Therapy has the potential to address constipation.

  • Parkinson’s symptoms originate in the gut.
  • Heal gut issues and symptoms will begin to resolve

Do you have constipation? The constipation must be reversed for you to get relief from symptoms. There are many potential remedies for constipation. Most therapies infuse the gut with one form of probiotics or another. Certain foods can also promote healthy bacteria in the gut.

Light therapy may also offer the possibility of infusing the gut with good bacteria. No need to take a probiotic supplement here!

Animal Studies find that light therapy promotes healthy bacteria in the gut. If this happens with animals, I am guessing humans will achieve similar results.

Many of you have been using the X-Plus Vielight light therapy to address symptoms such as memory impairment.. The class encourages you to apply the X-Plus on your gut once a day in addition to applying the light to your mid brain.

If you do not have an X-Plus device, information is available on the Vielight website:

If you decide to acquire one, be sure to tell the customer representative you are a Parkinsons Recovery member. The will apply a 10% discount. If you order the device from their website, the 10% discount will be applied on the shopping cart if you enter the coupon code healing4me.

The company gives you 6 months to try out their devices. If it does not offer symptom relief, you can always return the used product for an 80% refund. The risk is minimal.

Robert Rodgers PhD
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease


How Our Brains Are Processing the Pandemic

Why are my Parkinson’s symptoms  worse during the Pandemic?

Answer:  An epigenetic change in your physical body which was most likely set in motion during the first years of life.  Unrelenting stress for a new born child results in “stress methylation.” A specific chemical molecule has attached itself to the on/off which is a part of every gene.

With stress methylation, the gene whose job it is to shut down the continuous flow of cortisol is deactivated. Since the switch is permanently “stuck”, we find ourselves as adults in an unexplained spin of worry, dread, anxiety and fear.

Since this anxious state is familiar as ingrained from the first year of life we do not really have any effective tools to un-stick the off/on switch.

All this means we can be instantly “triggered” and “set off” by the most innocuous experiences and stimuli. The recent events have been anything but “innocuous .”

Watch this wonderful BBC news explanation about the effects these stressful times are having on all of us.  The link below connects to a  2 minute news video that explains why your symptoms have likely become so much worse over recent months.

Robert Rodgers PhD
Parkinsons Recovery
Olympia Washington
What Really Matters

How to Reduce Exposure to EMFs

Studies now conclusively demonstrate that EMFs (electromagnetic fields) – which we are all exposed to – causes a wide range of illnesses including neuro-degenerative conditions like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, autism, infertility, unwanted genetic mutations and even cancer. This is the health crisis of this century.

Most people do not take this problems seriously. Effects are not immediate nor are they felt by most people. They are cumulative.

EMF effects scramble the energy field which derails normal functions. Studies show that a modest exposure to smart phones clogs up blood cells. Blood transforms into cells that stick together like globs of jelly of different shapes//

Why is this a problem? Blood cells that stick together cannot pass through the small capillaries of the body which feed 75 percent of the cells. The size of the globs is too great to pass through the tiny  passageways of capillaries.

Are you perplexed because your detox problem is not showing the results expected? There is no way toxins will be eliminated from the cells if your circulation cannot access them. One factor could well be your continuous exposure to EMFs.

In this video I emphasize one small step you can take to reduce EMF exposure from one source: your smart phone. Do not put the cell phone against your ear when you talk. Use headphones (not ear plugs and certainly not a blue tooth).

Your neurons will thank you profusely.

Robert Rodgers PhD
Parkinsons Recovery
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

Brain Degeneration Summit: How to Rejuvenate and Regenerate Your Brain

Watch the Brain Degeneration series coming up soon for free …
Speakers in this series will offer a wide range of suggestions for  how to reverse memory problems and dementia. Some of the speakers (such as myself) focus on natural therapies to heal Parkinson’s. This series will be well worth watching and it is free.
Click the link below to register:

P.S.: Yes – I am one of the speakers. And yes – I will  be watching the presentations along with you.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Olympia, Washington

Stochastic Resonance Therapy

Stochastic Resonance Therapy (SRT) was born in the German city of Frankfurt  when Dietmar Schmidtbleicher developed a new training device for Olympic athletes. Since then, the whole-body vibration device he developed has been studied and shown to be effective in the treatment of Parkinson’s motor symptoms. While you may have already heard of the benefits of vibration therapy and Parkinson’s, chances are you haven’t heard of SRT until now.

SRT is different from other types of vibration devices. It delivers randomized and non-uniform oscillations and perturbations to the body, whereas all other devices on the market deliver uniform, sinusoidal vibrations. The random nature of SRTvibrations elicits the automatic stretch reflex in the muscles, which leads to postural adjustments being made in the spinal cord and the cerebellum (the part of the brain that automatically adjusts movement patterns). These adjustments keep the head still and the body upright while on the device. Hundreds to thousands of stimuli are delivered to the spinal cord and cerebellum in a matter of minutes.

In the literature, SRT has been shown to decrease tremor and rigidity, improve postural control and balance, and lead to better gait patterns in Parkinsonian patients. For further information contact:

Kyle Harris, MS, CSCS, SRT Zeptoring
Cell: 605.454.1418

Brady Volmering
Cell: 989.551.9503

Robert Rodgers PhD
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

Light Therapy as Treatment for Parkinson’s Disease

Posted here is a YouTube video of a neurologist who uses light therapy in his clinic as treatment for Parkinson’s symptoms and other neurological conditions. The therapy illustrated in the video is not available in most medical facilities,

I have included below information about a light therapy (or photobiomodulation) device from Vielight that is similar and can be acquired for home use.

Research Reports Light Therapy Reverses Dementia

Light therapy has floated to the top of my list as a promising treatment for dementia and Parkinson’s after reviewing results of my 2018 Parkinsons Recovery holiday survey. A  surprising number of persons reported that light therapy (or photobiomodulation therapy invented by Vielight) had helped them get relief from their Parkinson’s symptoms.

Here is Dr. Lim’s explanation of photobiomodulation. He is the inventor of many of the  light therapy devices from Vielight.:

Light therapy is not new. It has been researched under a variety of terms for over 40 years: low level laser therapy or LLLT, laser biostimulation and most recently photobiomodulation. This noninvasive therapy has been used in clinical practices to treat healing-resistant wounds, ulcers, pain and nervous system injuries. More recently it is a therapy that has attracted the attention of researchers as a therapy for Parkinson’s and dementia.

A July 2018 a University of California San Francisco study conducted by Linda Chao PhD offered compelling support for its application to treat dementia. Eight adults diagnosed with dementia participated in the study. Four subjects received 12 weeks of self-administered Photobiomodulation treatments in their homes. Four were assigned to a control group. Treatments were administered using a commercially available device (Vielight Neuro Gamma). Outcome measures were assessed at baseline, 6-weeks, and 12-weeks.

Findings revealed significant improvement in cognition and functional connectivity. Dr. Chao concluded that photobiomodulation therapy is a safe, non-pharmacological therapy that can be used to treat patients in their homes.

Results of this study are indeed impressive. Large samples are typically required for a study to show significance. Despite its small size, this study showed significant results.

Light Therapy Research Reports Encouraging Findings for Parkinson’s Patients on Medications

For the past half century the “gold standard” treatment for Parkinson’s disease has been to replace dopamine that is presumed deficient with medicines and supplements. Let’s face it. After 50 years, these treatment protocols have shown limited efficacy and, unfortunately, can be accompanied by troubling side effects. Many who have elected these such treatment strategies have experienced an impoverished quality of life in the long run.

The challenges confronted by millions of persons with neurological challenges has motivated and inspired me to pursue investigations of other approaches that fall outside traditional treatment protocols.  One such approach that shows initial promise is light (or photobiomodulation) therapy.

Researchers have recently found evidence that light therapy is a promising therapy for persons experiencing the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. The retina is believed to play a pivotal  role in the nigrostriatal dopamine system.  Light (obviously) passes through the eyes and shines on the retina which happens to be a close neighbor of the substantia nigra, the organ positioned in the middle of the brain.  I have drawn the logical conclusion is that – Duh – light should of course make a difference!

Light Therapy Research

A study by researchers at the Bronowski Clinic in Australia conducted a longitudinal study of 129 patients diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Subjects who were classified as compliant – meaning they used light therapy regularly – exhibited significant improvement over subjects that were partially compliant or non-compliant.

An encouraging observation of the compliant subjects was that the drug burden was less with fewer side effects. These results suggest that light therapy shows promise as a therapy to address symptoms of Parkinson’s and a therapy which might potentially reduce the role of medications to suppress symptoms.

I interviewed the inventor of a type of new photobiomodulation therapy called the Vielight Neuro Gamma device. While there is little systematic evidence that specifically addresses symptoms of Parkinson’s for this particular device, it is a therapy that certainly merits further review and consideration in light of the early research evidence on the merits of light therapy. Since diffuse light does not easily pass through the skull, Dr. Lim’s had the brilliant idea to pass the light through a device clipped to the nose. Now, in my book of creativity, that is inventiveness at its best!

Click the image below to hear the interview and learn more about Dr. Lim’s new photobiomodulation device called the Vielight Gamma.

Vielight photobiomodulation therapy


It would seem at this early stage that you cannot go wrong to be open to allow light to shine brightly on the surface of your body and of course your retina!

What has been the experience of persons with Parkinson’s symptoms who have been using the Vielight Gamma Device?

Thus far, over  sixty persons who listened to my interview on the Vielight device purchased the neuro gamma device using the 10% coupon code (healing4me) Dr. Lim provided to listeners of my Parkinsons Recovery Radio Show interview. Those who acquired the device were invited to return the device to the company after using it for six months if it did not offer relief from their symptoms they were looking for and receive an 80% refund.

More information is available here:

The company reported to me that 10% of the Neuro Gamma unites were returned. One loose estimate of effectiveness is that approximately 90% of users are satisfied it helps address some symptoms. The odds are certainly in your favor that the device will offer relief from symptoms. Know also that it clearly does not help everyone.

I have also heard from a member of my audience who lives in Ecuador who is connected with a wide community of persons with Parkinson’s symptoms. He reports that virtually all users experienced welcome relief from some symptoms. For some, the most pronounced results were seen in the initial 4 months or so, after which the improvements tended to level off.

Anecdotal Reports about the Vielight Photobiomodulation Neuro Device as a Treatment for Parkinson’s Symptoms

As a new invention. there is no systematic published research on the use of the Vielight Gamma Photobiomoduatlion device as a therapy to specifically address Parkinson’s symptoms. I have heard informal feedback from users who are members of my audience that the therapy has resulted in relief of some symptoms and report below my summary observations:

  1. One common report from users is that the therapy does not show quick results. You apparently have to apply the therapy over a period of several weeks to a month or longer to celebrate a positive shift in symptoms.
  2. I have heard several specific reports on tremors that were calmed.
  3. It is unclear at this point to what degree the therapy will address balance issues, but I have heard it seems to offer help with gait issues.
  4. Evidence does suggest that this therapy can potentially help with dementia.
  5. One user reported a definite return of smell, but the jury was out on the effect on tremors and other symptoms.
  6. The wife of one 85 year old man with advanced Parkinson’s symptoms reported that after 6 weeks of using the Vielight Neuro device. there were no major improvements but several minor ones of some consequence: Her husband reports being more alert, sleeping better, his cough is less, he has been inspired lately to use his automatic peddler and his hallucinations have dwindled. She reports it has been an answer for a better quality of life for both of them and promises to keep me updated.

Of course, it is difficult for people diagnosed with Parkinson’s to attribute an improvement in symptoms directly to the Vielight photobiomodulation therapy when they are taking advantage of other therapies at the same time.  Reports above are a general summary of the informal feedback I have received in emails and phone conversations. One person told me it did not offer them the relief they had expected and returned the unit.

Like virtually all natural therapies I have documented over the past several decades, the Vielight Neuro Gamma device will not help everyone. Odds do appear to be in your favor if you decide to try it out.

Dr. Lim has has recently developed a device called the X-Plus which delivers light directly to the mid brain. This new device is currently out of stock due to high demand.  They should be back in stock soon.

For more information, visit the Vielight website. If you decide to try out the Neuro Gamma device, be sure to tell them you are a member of the Parkinsons Recovery audience and they will apply a 10% discount when you order.

Robert Rodgers PhD
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease