Recovery from Parkinson’s

What does it really take for recovery from Parkinson’s to happen for you? There is no doubt but that the treatment of Parkinson;s symptoms helps many people. The limitation of this approach of course is that there is no end to the treatment. It must continue day in and day out.

An alternative approach is to set the intention to find the cause of the symptoms. Once the cause or causes have been identified they can be treated and healed. I discuss the four foundations of this approach in the Sunday Connections program. To listen, visit:

Robert Rodgers PhD
Parkinsons Recovery
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

2 thoughts on “Recovery from Parkinson’s

  1. I have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s, I don’t have any tremors, shaking. I have sweating of the head and it makes my hair so wet that it looks like a bucket of water was poured over my head. It drips in my eyes. I can take a shower and dry myself off get dressed and dry my hair with a hair dryer, then in about a few minutes my hair gets wet all over again. I am now taking 3 times a day Ropinirole, it seems to help but some days are worse than others. I don’t sweat underarms or on the body just the head. I sometimes have dizzie spells but they have gotten better.

    No one in my family have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s.
    Send me an e-mail and give me some things I can do to stop this sweating.


  2. Hi:

    It sounds to me like your body is throwing off toxins in the form of sweating. I would recommend that you investigate detoxing the “bad” stuff out of your body. It is one of the seven secrets of healing. Before putting anything else into your body, get the bad stuff out first.

    Robert Rodgers, PhD
    Seven Secrets to Healing

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