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Parkinsons RecoveryMy mother was diagnosed with the symptoms of Parkinsons after experiencing mobility challenges and is the inspiration for Parkinsons Recovery. She elected to take a number of prescription medications, but none seemed to provide her with the relief she was seeking. Over time, she added more and more medications to her daily routine for her Parkinson’s and a variety of other conditions. She died from a stroke which I believe was caused by the complications and interactions of over ten different medications.

From the day of her death in 1998, I set on a path to search for natural therapies that are safe and cause no harmful side effects. I hold the belief that the body knows how to heal itself. It just needs a little help remembering how.

Parkinsons Recovery

I established Parkinsons Recovery in 2004 to provide support, information and resources to families with a member currently experiencing the symptoms of Parkinsons.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
7722 Cooper Point Road NW
Olympia Washington 98502
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

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  1. Hi! My sister started experiencing tremors in her hands about a year ago. I thought at the time, that it was caused by a fall she experienced while walking her daughter’s dog. It was around that time that I was doing research on line about mercury hypersensitivity caused by mercury amalgams in my mouth, and started having mine removed. I asked her if she wanted to do the same, but she saw no correlation between the Essential Benign Tremors and amalgams. Now she has blurred vision, weakness in the legs, and depression and anxiety. She had lost twenty pounds, but is starting to get her appetite back. She supposedly doesn’t have Parkinson’s and has been to three neurologists, but has refused the contrast test. She has finally had two mercury amalgams removed, but has six teeth that still have mercury under crowns…. Sir, would you have any idea as to the possibility of the tremors subsiding, or even possibly going away altogether. My sister is 74 years old, and until recently, has just looked fantastic for her age….. She would just love to feel better… The anxiety is pretty overwhelming…..thank you, so much, for any advice you may be able to share… Best wishes

  2. Hi:

    I have two suggestions for you to consider. First, be sure and sign up to receive the free Parkinsons Recovery newsletter. Your sister will quickly discover that many people have figured out ways to reverse their symptoms. Sign up here:
    Second, I suggest that she listen to my radio show interview with Dr. Joe Hickey who has some fascinating insights about the consequences of falls.
    It is possible her issues may stem from her fall which resulted in a massive release of toxins.

    Robert Rodgers PhD
    Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

  3. Iam 72 years old .lot of responsibility in the family though honestly
    Iam not depressed.I feel depressed due to tremors.Aggrevated by
    the world famous says itis P.D. Other doctors say it is not.Spending Time and money the first dr.asked to run a fuziness
    computer model wher they donot know how to to run and given
    dummy model run by them in a sheet to the doctors. and shown me that the reading says that i am second stage of P.D. The other doctor may be younger says this is not P.D. When insisted he says
    it is not P.D. What else? I pleaded i can come to his consultation
    without any any restriction on fee, he has courtesy to share theaddress.My contribution is there in developmental issues of
    tech.development in world.What happens now i have humilated
    by noble professionists.who can correct these people. The phobia
    sets in and tremors increasing.still i travel and work far places
    Iam constrained with P.D.I cannot write now though 1000 of reports made by me.Now people use my name plucking fruits in a tree when ther are no fruits.Now i understand after travelling 10 counries,Man is manipulated animal in every field.Browse Google
    for S.D.Badrinath for credentials.


  4. I am 52…I was used as a human guinea pig for almost 15 years and after suffering tremors, drooling, being sleep deprived, unusual ” brain fog” changes in bowel habits w/ feeling of fullness after a meal w/o overeating, unexplained weight loss (now back at 125 from 100 lbs, severe balance problems when cari dopa /levodopa ran low, several serious falls, two while showering and losing whereabouts and getting dizzy and one while out of no where collapsed while making dinner and punching the back of my occipital lobe through the drywall in our4800sqare ft dream house/ open scaled man cave to which I suffered a loss of sudden unconscienceness and concussion and massive bump on my head, and now severe dystonia in thoracic, feet, and cervical area and so on) …trouble swallowing and choking on nothing….lets just say, if you went down a list of pd symptoms…I have them…. I kept on seeing a neurologist, Drs in this feild? I went on one pill to another mirages for a year, requip and others until I went on the pd registry and signed up for clinical trials and GUESS WHAT… I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2015….I had about every single test before 1998 and they almost had me convinced it was all in my head…I have lived a very good life from pagentry, working as an aerobic instructor and certified personal trainer for 12 years, to attending 6 years of college (graduating with a 3.89), and finally became a certified therapist in family and addiction…I quit any use of alcohol and “recreational pot” (what a joke that is) on 10-7-87 after my only and youngest brother (who also helped people as a firefighter was run down and killed by a kid that wasn’t drunk, he was on “recreational or whatever you want to call it WEED or DOPE…I was in two major relationships (one is my baby’s daddy-he is gone thank goodness- controlling- lots of DV and my daughter is now 32 and the second REAL man that I am still with to date who runs his own successful business is also my primary caregiver) and am proud to say he has accepted my disease and treats me like a queen…and I should say after 28 years, he’s still the best looking man in my life…My philosophy (and I just gave up my therapeutic license along with other stuff this year) is : #1: If you know your body well without denial, get a second or even 5th opinion…#2: LIVE…THERE IS NO CURE only band aids right now (as we are at least 10 years behind EUROPE….This is a progressive disease in its ideopathic self, but not yet a death sentence ( as it could be worse like AIDS not HIV but AIDS ) so don’t go out and make funeral arrangements….#3: STAY POSITIVE and become educated with pd and any of your own circle of friends that you can trust….#4: once diagnosed, make sure you have a fantastic neurologist that’s up to date and support team that will back you….#5: As for my own professional knowledge, there is no “RECREATIONAL USAGE” of THC….(it’s called DOPE for a reason and DOPE USERS may think it’s medicinal for one reason: YOU WANNA GET STONED a and I have pictures and MRI images of a pot smoker…we wanna keep that good stuff in our brains receptor sites not push out the serintonin, and dopamine and other good things our brains and bodies need to stay as healthy as possible #6: If you are still able and it’s safe, get involved with pd support groups, possibly start a fundraiser, be a peer and support for a pd person that may have just been diagnosed ( I’m sure you can empathize because you to went through the same grieving process) #7 MOVE IT OR LOSE IT…the choice is up to you….AND in closing, Parkinson’s disease is REAL…THERE are temporary band aids and brain surgery….IT ISNT JUST GOING TO GO AWAY LIKE A COLD and it is a dis-ease of the mind and body….I have a vitamin regimen of CoQ10, a Great GNC multiple that has helped put to rest a severe vitamin D 3 deficiency and anemia, and Glutathione works awesome with 1200mg of CoQ10 for brain power and I keep a steady stream of cari dopa / levodopa in my system (AGAIN NOT DOPE) to help relieve some symptoms and I can take something for sleep and something for the severe dystonia which has made its way into my entire body, if need be….but there you have it…. I am Cari and I am mid-staged Parkinson’s patient….I have devoted my life to helping others and myself, so why stop now….As bad as it can get some days, I’m content, still in love after 28 years , live in a beautiful home, and have had to make drastic changes in my life….like NO triple shot espressos and balanced protein and a nice balance of vitamins and the RIGHT DRs not the DOPE Drs down the street (Almost sounds like the late 70’s)….I take direction and absorb anything about my disease and have since 2007….I’m not crying over here….I’m living a life like any other pd patient should live and as toxin free as possible….people like us have so much at our disposal (like peer to peer, Parkinson’s exercise groups -or walk my service Newfoundland at her pace for a mile or so- I love it and she does too, and support groups)and don’t forget about paying forward to our cause, if you can….I’m planning a ride in April with a few (+) fantastic kinda’ celebrity guys to raise awareness because that’s OUR month….and until last November I still had my therapist license that I got in 1992….a few progressive changes and my husband and I talked and it’s time to take care of Cari, continue to work with my team of DRs w/o any of the slightest hesitation, and continue paying it forward for our cure…I believe this disease has brought me to another level of understanding, so I gladly accept its challenge…BE GOOD And TAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF, SMILE, DO WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE TO STAY HEALTHY and REMEMBER TO BREATHE✌️🙏PS…CELEBRATE YOU😃🎉🎉🎉

  5. Hello o am a 56 year old male I was diagnosed with parkins disease at the age of 40. I have a deep Brain stimulator which was placed October 7 2007 but in April this year my parkinnsons has progressed to the point of my mouth is open almost all the time non voice. at all. Excessive drulling . I have went from living to nursing home tho being forced to live with my daughter because I can no longer live by my self. I was an emergency Medical Technician for 17.5 years before becoming disabled. There is much more to tell is there any hope for the bx protocol to help me get my life back. Thank you for any and all consideration

    Chris W. Lane

  6. Hello,

    My name is Courtney Williamson and I am the CEO of AbiliLife, a company that engineers biomedical products to improve the quality of life for Parkinson’s patients. My mom had PD for 25 years and I started my company to help her and people like her.

    You were listed as one of the top bloggers/authors for PD and I thought that you might be interested in learning more about my company.

    I recently launched the first orthotic device engineered for PD patients, the Calibrace+, to improve posture and balance. I want to make you aware of the Calibrace+ as it has improved patients’ ability to exercise, eat without choking, and feel more secure while walking.

    Could we have a brief phone call to talk about the Calibrace+? Please let me know, and I look forward to speaking with you.

    ~Courtney Williamson

  7. i have heard there is supposed to be a Clinick in ann arbor mi that offers parkinsons treatment according to marty hiz protocol anybody has information address phone number ect io would sure appriciate letting me know

  8. im from jackson michigan having pd at 57 its a challenge im only 20 mins from ann arbor,michigan.i needreleaf! god bless

  9. A Dr Boggess in Ann Arbor uses the Hines approach. Across from Mi. Stadium. Believe he’s in the yellow pages but it doesn’t specify Parkinsons . Been working for me for almost a year.


  11. There are three related diseases in my immediate family: Parkinson’s Disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and Autism. My father passed away of Parkinson’s, I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and my son was diagnosed with Autism. Interestingly all three of us became sick around the same time – shortly after my son was born. My son and I (and I believe my father) all had MTHR gene mutations that impact the methylation cycle. I have been studying the biology of autism for over 20 years and run a website for autism, http://www.autismcoach.com. I am 62 years old now have the incipient signs of Parkinson’s at this point with tingling in my extremities periodically cand a feeling of being depleted of brain chemicals in the middle of the night. I have found one thing that helped my father and helps me is glutathione. My father regained ability when he took liposomal glutatione which restored his ability to talk – he was able to talk until he died. I have been helped by taking N-Acetyl-Cysteine, the precursor to glutathione, in a time released formulation. I spent the last 25 years researching biomedical aspects of autism to help my son and created a website to help my son, who is 26, and is doing well enough to be currently applying to graduate schools. I spent the last several years working on a liquid multi-vitamin for autism and finally it is released as of February 2019 – it is called Mind-Body Harmony – and it is designed to support methylation, with methylated forms of B Vitamins. It also supports other commonly disrupted metabolic processes that lead to neurotransmitter imbalances. Everyone in my family, including my 95-year old mother who is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, is taking it. We are seeing increased energy, improved mood, and lifted brain fog. Here is the link: http://autismcoach.com/mind-body-harmony-daily-comprehensive-multi-vitamin-mineral-herbal-complex

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