Secrets to Healing: Recovery is Always Moving Toward You

Are Answers are “Out There” Somewhere?

Many people who experience symptoms of Parkinsons Disease engage an aggressive search for ways to reverse them.  Secrets to healing are somewhere “out there” in the universe. The belief is that most of the good answers are difficult to find. The journey for the right answers is much like a treasure hunt for a treasure that is buried in a secret vault – a Fort Knox of sorts that locks up all the answers for reversing Parkinson’s symptoms.

Sometimes the journey involves finding one solution after another. When one
solution fails to produce desired results, a new solution or therapy is pursued.
Some people chase after dozens of therapies. Results are often disappointing time and time again. The search for answers “out there” is exhausting!

Research can and does make a difference. Being better informed can and does make a difference to recovery. That is why I maintain the massive body of resources on options for recovery on the many Parkinsons Recovery websites I subsidize.

But, there is a downside to a search “out there” somewhere for answers. It activates a continuous infusion of adrenaline. Adrenaline rushes are stimulating. They energize the body into action. The downside to adrenaline rushes is that the body has no energy or resources to produce dopamine. What is needed to reverse symptoms is to maintain a delicate balance of dopamine and adrenaline.

Recovery is Always Moving Toward You

There is a companion approach to a search for answers that offers the promise of marvelous results.  Think about recovery as an opportunity that is always moving toward you. It is not something you have to discover by searching long and hard in places far away.

One of the seven secrets to healing a chronic illness like Parkinson’s disease is to
listen to the messages your body is always trying to communicate to you.  The body has a memory of the perfect state of wellness and health. Disease is not the body’s natural state. Health is.  the body is always striving to reverse any disease process that causes neurological symptoms.

Your body is giving you important information every day. Perhaps your intuition tells you to stop dying your hair or stop using a particular shampoo or stop using laundry detergent that is toxic. Perhaps you always tend to discount the instincts about recovery that you get  every day. When you begin to trust these instincts you may marvel at how much better you begin to feel.

  • Finding natural ways to die your hair is not a solution that is “out there.” It is right here!
  • Finding a natural shampoo without toxins is not a mysterious solution that is “out there” somewhere. It is right here!
  • Changing your laundry detergent is not a task that can be performed only by a rocket scientist.

You can do it – right now.

The reality is that recovery is staring you in the face every day. Your job is simple. Pay attention. Act on any and all intuitions that you get when you listen to your body.

The body has all the resources it needs to maintain the delicate balance of adrenaline and dopamine. You usually have to make some life style changes to give the body the support it needs. When the body has the resources it needs to maintain balance, symptoms will melt like an ice cream cone on a hot summer day.

The answers have been staring you in the face all along. They are not “out there.” They have always been moving toward you.

Robert Rodgers PhD
Seven Secrets to Healing  

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