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Attitudes About Recovery from Parkinson’s

Be honest with yourself. No one is listening to your thoughts right now.

What are your true attitudes about recovery from Parkinson’s disease? Do you believe that – while a few people have succeeded in reversing their symptoms – the chances you can reverse your symptoms are about as good as winning the lottery? Or, do you believe recovery is possible, but find yourself doubting the miracle of recovery all the time?

We all have doubts.  There are so many people who tell lies these days it is really difficult to know who you can trust.   I have an idea for you to carry around in your hip pocket. Why not make a commitment to trust yourself?

I invite you to make a New Year’s Resolution beginning today – before 2014 begins.  How? It is simple.

  1. Print my post today.  
  2. Slip it into your pocket (where ever that might happen to be in the moment). 
  3. Take the ten resolutions below out of your pocket everyday. 
  4. Read them out loud to yourself. 
  5. Slip them back into your pocket to be retrieved again tomorrow. 

 As your belief in the statements below strengthens, prospects for recovery will also strengthen. The two go hand in hand.

Attitudes About Recovery

Expedite your journey down the road to recovery for 2014. Commit now to the following ten (10) New Year’s truths that will transform your attitudes about recovery in 2014.

  1. I create my life.
  2. My intention is to create health and wellness for myself.
  3. I admire people who have recovered from Parkinson’s disease.
  4. To have my health makes my life more enjoyable and rewarding.
  5. I get well be doing what I love.
  6. I deserve to be well because I add value to other people’s lives.
  7. I fully and completely receive the healing that is offered by my friends and family. 
  8. I am truly grateful for the health that I have.
  9. Opportunities for recovery come my way every day.
  10. My capacity to recover expands with each passing day.

Believe it and believe me. It will happen.  You do not have to trust me or anyone else. Trust yourself.  The power of the body, mind and spirit to heal is infinite. 

Robert Rodgers. PhD
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease