Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally

What follows is a fascinating report of a revelation about healing Parkinson’s disease from a dream state. Now that is a novel approach. eh? You never know when profound insights might pop up when you are asleep and dreaming.  You might even discover healing Parkinson’s disease is the outcome.

This is what Rick discovered during his dream state as you can see in his email
which I have posted below.  Dreams can reveal critical information about the cause of symptoms that you could never figure out any other way. The mystery is often em bedded deep in our subconscious.

Robert Rodgers PhD
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

Rick’s Experience with Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally

Hi Robert,

I have started doing Qigong after Bianca`s regime.

Apropos intuition I had two dreams on consecutive nights after night time
sessions of qigong/meditation. In the first dream it was presented to me why I had Parkinson’s disease – anger – with an explanation of why. In the second dream I died and was looking down on my body being asked by the controller of the archives where my soul info would be stored what I thought of my life to which I replied

“okay but hard -“

He then asked me why to which I replied that I had been too rigid and controlling of
everything in my life.

I woke up fresh and optimistic. So yes we are our own healers /therapists/doctors if we allow ourselves-

Warm regards and thanks.


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