One Way to Heal Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease from the Inside-Out

Everyone in a body journeys down an unpaved, rocky road of healing. The journey inevitably involves encounters with disease in one form or another. Diseases play a central role in healing.

Many people fear disease. They get angry because they became ill. Like it or not, we have to get sick so that the body can build up the immune system that is needed to fend off threats in the forms of toxins and bacteria.

Some people have an abundance of cancer cells. Others have blood pressure issues. Still others confront the the unexpected and unwanted symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Some have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Perhaps you are one. Others have not been diagnosed. Everyone with neurological challenges - whether diagnosed or not – is unsure about which path to take and what choices to make. There are so many.

People make one of three choices in response to the neurological imbalances.

  1. The first choice is to ignore the symptoms. Most people do this. I have. If you wait, who knows. They may disappear.
  2. The second choice is to shut the discomfort down. Terminate the pain. End the agony. Better to silence the symptom right now for they may get worse. This choice usually involves treatments of one form or another that must be continued for a lifetime. Treatments for symptom relief can empty your pocketbook.

The third choice involves listening to the wisdom of your body. This is the choice that offers the promise of lasting healing.

Listen to Your Body to Heal Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease

To listen to your body – you have to ask your body specific questions like:

  • “Ok soul mate. What in the world is up? Why do you keep screaming at me?”

Make no pretense here. Your body is your soul mate for life.

  • “Is all of this discomfort really necessary? What are you trying to tell me?”

If you want to know the best choice to make, listen to the answers you get when you ask your body questions like these. For most people, answers come in the form of raw intuition. Instincts that emerge from our gut are precisely the insights needed to succeed. Your body is the one doctor you can always trust.

When we make sound decisions for our health, symptoms often get worse before they get better. When the response given is a direct response to the needs of the body, healing will unfold. This is not to say the road to recovery will be a smooth ride.

When the right choices are made we will feel lighter. We will get more energy.

The body is always trying to get your attention when there are imbalances. Pay close attention to the information your body is giving you. It is always trying to get your attention. When you do not listen more symptoms occur. The symptoms themselves are clues as to the underlying reason for the discomfort.

May your experiences today invite a new relationship with your body. Discomfort is one way to engage a deeper part of yourself. Listen to the reasons your body is out of balance. Trust your raw instincts. Respect the wisdom of your body to know the right path to take and the best choices to make. Your body has been and will always be your best friend. Leaning how to Listen to your body is one of the seven secrets to healing.

Robert Rodgers PhD
Seven Secrets of Healing 

One thought on “One Way to Heal Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease from the Inside-Out

  1. Thank you, so comforting to know I can heal myself & don’t inevitablely have to take medication!

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