Healing Parkinson’s Disease

After ten years of interviews with hundreds of persons who currently experience the symptoms of Parkinson’s I am well aware that most people would prefer to mask their symptoms. Some people even prefer to hide out in their homes. All interest in going out on the town vanishes. Why?

Many symptoms of Parkinson’s disease – but not all – are difficult to hide. Other people tend to notice a face that has no expression. Other people tend to notice tremors, awkward mobility and freezing when those are the presenting symptoms for a person
with Parkinson’s symptoms. I say – so what?

Why? Yes – Parkinson’s symptoms are more “public”. Yes – symptoms can be horribly debilitating.

Rather than focusing on your own symptoms take a day or two to pay closer attention to other people; friends, family and strangers. Do most other people look
healthy to you? Certainly some are, but my casual observations of people as I walk the streets of my hometown of Olympia is that most people look unhealthy to me – even young people.

They may not have tremors, but their energy levels seem horribly depleted to me. The skin of many people looks sickly. Many look very sick to me. Wouldn’t you agree?

A surprising number of persons these days also have waste sizes that are too large for their bodies. For many reasons, more and more people are gaining too much weight to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The good news is that a vast majority of persons with Parkinson’s  symptoms do not tend to be overweight.

I would argue that you are in a much better situation for one important reason. Given that it is impossible to ignore Parkinson’s symptoms you acknowledge your body is out of balance. Right now it needs a little extra attention and a large dose of loving care.

People without any symptoms that “show” like tremors or gait problems tend to be in denial. They hold out the false expectation that their health problems will magically vanish tomorrow. Since they are not doing anything about their poor health, it will inevitably deteriorate.

In the wash, symptoms that are visible to you and others are a reminder to focus on a healthy lifestyle so that the symptoms can be reversed. The mere fact you are reading my blog today is a strong indication that you have set the intention to heal. Setting the
intention carries you 90% down the road to recovery. The good news of the day is that you are doing something about your health.

And what about others without Parkinson’s symptoms? A vast majority of other people without Parkinson’s symptoms are in denial about  their poor health. They are taking no positive action to heal, unlike you.

Celebrate the exciting expectation of recovery. Other people can choose to get sicker. You are making the much wiser choice to heal.

Robert Rodgers PhD
Parkinsons Recovery



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