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Thought you’d find this resource interesting …let me know what you think.



Thanks so much for sending along the link. Yes – I am aware of the excellent work of Dr. Marty Hines, MD, and his clinics. I think they are doing wonderful work. I tried to get an interview with him for my radio show but struck out.

Their clinics perform extensive, ongoing testing so that they will know how much of the various amino acids to give their patients. I understand from talking with one of their nurses that they follow you very closely. It is not a therapy which can be administered at long distance. When you sign up with them as a patient, you must be willing  to get regular testing done.

It is not exactly a self help program – but I suspect their approach does help people get relief from their symptoms. I have not heard a specific report back from anyone at this point.

The there is a supplement called Can-C Plus which has a lot of amino acids and helps the body manufacture glutathione naturally. I aired a radio show about it several months ago. People with Parkinsons are using it now. I am hoping to get some reports back from users in the few months.

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  1. Hi Roger,
    Is this therapy still available or more wide-spread? Anywhere in CA?

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