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I live in Lake Mary, Florida and I want to know if you have any Parkinsons Recovery programs here in Florida. I have been diagnostic with in a early stage of PD, currently I am taking a new medicine call AZILECT. So far I am not sure if it is working or not (I just stared last Monday) but I prefer a natural recovery with therapy.

Thank you.



Parkinsons Recovery provides extensive support and resources to persons across the globe using various means and technologies. I will preview below some of the support systems we have put into place.

Parkinsons Recovery Summit

We sponsor an annual Parkinsons Recovery Summit which convenes together persons who have succeeded in discovering ways to reverse their symptoms in addition to practitioners who present their own discoveries about options that are helping people reverse their symptoms. The 2013 Summit will convene in Santa Fe, New Mexico February 21-24th.

You will find information at: The early bird cost is only $150 per person for the four day event if you register by August 15th.

Sunday Connections

You are invited to connect and talk with a rotating panel of hosts (many of whom have Parkinson’s Disease and have succeeded in reversing those symptoms). If you are looking for ongoing support and resources, this is an ideal opportunity. You call in to a phone number each Sunday at 2:00 pm pacific time or connect through your computer to
talk, bounce around ideas and get fresh perspectives from people who are also on the
road to recovery: Sunday Connections costs a mere $5 a month who helps pay for the cost of the technology we use. Parkinsons Recovery subsidizes the remaining cost.

Parkinsons Recovery Radio Show

I host a regular internet radio show which now has a large listening audience of persons just like yourself who are searching for answers. The Parkinsons Recovery Radio Show page is: All shows are archived and free to download. I have hosted the weekly show now for over three years. Each show is dedicated to issues connected with Parkinsons.

Parkinsons Recovery Blog

There is a wealth of information on the Parkinsons Recovery Blog:

Parkinsons Recovery Chat Room

Enter the chat room 24 hours a day. The 24 hour Chat Room is always open and free.

Track Symptoms

How do you know whether the therapies you are pursuing are helping? Track your symptoms over time for free. Use the Parkinsons Recovery Symptom Tracker.

Ask Questions

Write me your questions. I am happy to research them or find people who can help sort out the answers. You of course already know about this free service because you submitted the question above.
Parkinsons Recovery Free Magazine

Thanks for your interest in the work of Parkinsons Recovery. The exciting news of the year is that more and more people are figuring out ways to reverse their symptoms.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Pioneers of Recovery

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