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I send a newsletter to your email address announcing my guests on the Parkinsons Recovery Radio show, discussing new discoveries and conveying my own thoughts about what is required for the body to come back into balance. You will also receive the links to the Sunday Connections programs as they change from week to week. All of these programs are free to access anytime but you will need to receive the newsletter to get the links.

Enter your current email address and name on the form below. You will receive an email in a few minutes from me at GetResponse (the company I employ to insure you will never be spammed).You must click on the confirmation link in this email to begin receiving the newsletters.

Why the trouble you ask? It is important at Parkinsons Recovery that we never send a newsletter to you if you have not requested it be sent. I use a double confirmation method: You first have to request the email using the form below. Then you have to confirm the request in an email you will receive from GetResponse. (If you do not see this email check your spam folder). Click on the confirmation link in the email from GetResponse.

Once confirmed you will begin to receive the free newsletters in your email. Your name and email address are private and confidential and will never be sold, traded, released or given to anyone or any organization for any reason. You can unsubscribe from the newsletter anytime.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D
Parkinsons Recovery


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