How to Skip Around the Parkinsons Recovery Radio Shows


Hi Robert,

Is there any way to fast forward on your archived shows?



Yes indeed there is. First, visit the radio show website here:

Where it says “search” type in “Parkinsons Recovery” and hit enter.

You will then see on your screen the most recent Parkinsons Recovery shows that have aired. You will have to scroll back to see shows that aired over several months ago. All shows are archived.

Notice that on each show page, you can choose one of two possible links – a “Play” link and a “Download” link.  Find the show that interests you. Right click on the “Download” link. (The Play link will not let you skip around).

You will then be prompted to save the show on your computer.  Save the show in a folder you can remember – or create a special folder where you can save all the shows you want to hear.

Once the show is saved on your computer [it will have a .mp3 designation) simply click on the file. Your computer will bring up a player you can use to scroll forward and backward. Or, you can download the file to a MO3 player and listen while you exercise.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

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