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    Diagnosed 2012
    My regimen:
    The positives: no button difficulties, brush my teeth now w/o needing elect brush, more strength. Getting in and out of bed, turning over is easier. No more constipation. etc. motor and non-motor symptoms…
    Slow progression: In my 6th year and have not fallen, not once, to the surprise of my neuro. Was seeing neuro every 6th month, last visit he set app one year. He said if needed we could do some changes earlier. He said my condition can change in as little time as one week.

    New schedule, now I follow this regimen:
    3 x day C/L 50-200 ER : morning, 11 am, 5 pm. Because it is ER, I take with or w/o food.
    1 x day: Magnesium Malate, 425mg and/or Magnesium Glycinate, 200 mg : 5 pm
    2 x day (morning 2g and 5 pm 2g) Vitacost vitamin B1 (as thiamin HCL) 500mg, easy swallow capsules
    1 x day Life Extension Bio-Active Complete B-Complex, 60 Capsules. Ingredients include 100mg thiamin HCL, 400mcg Folate, 100mg B-6 : 11 am
    2 x day 99mg x 4 Potassium Gluconate : morning, 5 pm
    1 x day Vit D3 1,000 IU : …daily supplementation with 1200 IU vitamin D3 for 12 mo significantly prevented the deterioration of PD………. morning (evening may interfere w/ sleep). Very high levels of vitamin D (above 10,000 IU a day) may cause kidney and tissue damage. Evidence of risks at lower levels is limited, but some studies offer tentative signals about adverse health effects.

    B1 Thiamine therapy reference / stop progression, suppress motor and non-motor symptoms:
    (Thiamin HCL is oral substitute to IV B1) 2 x day (morning 2g and at lunch 2g)
    Doctor Costantini strategy that I find helpful “thiamine hcl stops the progression forever…”.
    Parky people say the first five years is your honeymoon stage with Parkinson’s. After that, progression more rapid.
    I have gone from slow motion to normal motor action since joining the growing number of PwP that have started B1 regimen/protocol. –
    Doctor Costantini – “Why is this? Because there is no medicine or drug that is able to affect all of the organs, whereas all of the organs function thanks to Thiamine. An important detail”, adds doctor Costantini, “the Thiamine therapy brings no collateral damage with time”.
    Google search: Doctor Costantini Parkinson
    Dr Antonio Costantini,

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