Leading Resource on Natural Therapies for Parkinson’s Disease

  1. Have you been spending hours every day searching for information on natural therapies and treatments that have been helping people reverse the symptoms associated with a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease?
  2. Has the search been frustrating and demoralizing?
  3. Has it been difficult to find sources you can trust? There are a lot of claims out there, but who in the world can you believe these days when fake news is the norm rather than the exception.

I have just updated my book Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease which eliminates the stress of finding information you can trust. Watch the two minute video below to discover why Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease is much more than a book. It is the leading resource you can trust on natural methods for reversing symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

Robert Rodgers PhD
Parkinsons Recovery


One thought on “Leading Resource on Natural Therapies for Parkinson’s Disease

  1. So very glad to hear of your current success at educating on the realities of Parkinson’s! Juddsquest is still in pursuit of helping others avoid and/or overcome. Please contact me for more specific ways to unite in helping others since our paths crossed on your radio show in 2009…there are answers!

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