TMJ Dental Devices Versus Decide for Success

On Friday, June 22, two workshops will be presented at the very same time slot: A preview of how TMJ treatment has helped people recover from Parkinson’s symptoms and a presentation by John Baumann, an international speaker on Parkinsons who inspires everyone to embrace health and wellness.

The Parkinsons Recovery Summit is being held in Cincinnati, Ohio June 22-23 at the Garfield Suites Hotel.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery


Cheryl Epstein
Jo Rosen




         Reversing Many Parkinson’s
Symptoms And Reversing
Cheryl tells her story with a
dental device she nicknamed
Henry. Jo Rosen, Founder and
President of Parkinson’s
Resource Organization, joins
her to discuss the TMJ
results and other exciting
research discoveries.

      12:00 – 1:30

John Baumann

Decide Success: 12 Action
Steps to Live Life to the
Fullest with Parkinsons
You Ain’t Dead Yet
This amazing workshop
offered by a proud ten year
person with Parkinsons
instructs People with
Parkinsons how to successfully
live life to the fullest.        

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