Lessons After Living with Parkinsons for Eleven Years

What follows is an inspiration listing of eleven lessons learned by Lynn after living with Parkinson’s 11 years.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

After living with this condition for over 11 years, I have learned:

a) Not to blame every health misstep on Parkinson’s. In fact, now I look at every other reason first.

b) Not to think I am deteriorating or the PD is getting “worse”.   It just is what it is.   I don’t believe in giving it too much power.

c) Not to believe everything a Dr tells me.

d) To follow my own path, when something feels good or right to me regardless of the opinion of others.

e) That laughter, singing and dancing are beneficial in the treatment of this condition.

f) To respect everyone’s right to do what they think is best for them. They are usually right.

g) To be positive (for the most part), there already are cures in the form of homeopathy, a stroke, I once heard of someone who had a back operation and as a side benefit,  was  cured of PD.

h) That being aware and proactive in my treatment is a must.

i) To be gracious in receiving. (This is a hard one to learn)

j) I dislike being called a “Parky”. I am a person. If you label me, you negate me. (that’s from Konrad Lorenz).

k) I don’t have a disease (the visual of which is something that’s eating away at me). I have a condition, as the Chinese Medicine Doctors put it.


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