Foot Whispering or Fitness Program?

Do you elect to access recovery through Randy Eady’s foot whispering or through the Delay the Disease fitness program? You will have to make a choice at the Parkinsons Recovery Summit regarding which of these two options you will learn much more about. As you can see below, they are offered at the same time!

        2:00 – 3:30

Randy Eady


 Barefoot Doctoring:  The Heart of Foot Whispering and Perfecting Posture

Experience the subtle energy elements in Ancient Walking to Primal Rhythms that helps to
release toxins and enhance overall health

       2:00 – 3:30

 Jackie Russell



         A Parkinsons Specific
Fitness Program

Parkinson’s specific fitness
program, Delay the Disease, will be an interactive demonstration with tips for the caregiver to help with functional fitness


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