Sore Gums and Lock Jaw

My mum was diagnosed with Parkinsons about 2 years ago. She was using Sinemet but due to dizzy spells and feeling sick she weaned off it. She started to have sore gums so eventually took her teeth out, just upper teeth are dentures.

Slowly her jaw started to cease up. One morning all of her throat and mouth were swollen excessively. She was admitted to hospital sedated and incubated immediately. When the sedation was taken off she was very unresponsive giving the impression of ‘locked-in syndrome’ or ‘brainstem stroke’. 5 months on she is now out of hospital, she has had CT scan, MRI scan, DAT scan and x-rays, given botox into TMJ and treated for tetanus but there is no answer or reason for what happened. All scans came back clear and couldn’t see anything out of the norm for a brain of a PD sufferer and someone of her age 64. She still has lock-jaw and is very weak. She can weight bare but is immobile other than this.

Could you possibly offer any help or advise,



As a researcher and not a medical doctor, I am certainly not qualified to suggest and diagnose here.  Your Mum’s doctors are certainly working hard trying to figure out what in the world is going on here!

Speaking as a researcher, it looks to me like – speaking simply – there is something inside your Mum’s body that is causing significant inflammation or something that she continues to insert in her body. What is it?

It could be a variety of toxins. It could be an allergic reaction to something she is eating. At a minimum, you could modify her diet and see if there is any change. Something she has loved to eat for years may be the culprit here. It could be side effects of a medication she is taking. There are many possibilities which is why of course her doctors are having such a difficult time figuring out how to help her!

When stuck pursing one option, I think it is always smart to consider other options. Many are providing relief for persons with Parkinson’s. We are covering a wide number of options at the Parkinsons Recovery Summit. If people are interested in exploring other options that are helping people reverse their symptoms, the Summit is where the action is at this year!

The Summit will convene  in two weeks – June 22nd and 23rd – at the Garfield Suites Hotel in downtown Cincinnati,  Ohio. The listing of workshops offers you a snap shot idea of the range of possibilities that are offering people relief from symptoms.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Recovery



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