Healing from the Inside Out

Do bodies always “fall apart” as we age? Unavoidable challenges are confronted with aging but recent discoveries offer ways to address them successfully.

1. Circulation is compromised with aging. Capillaries that carry blood and nutrients to the cells and remove toxins become narrower until circulation is log jammed.
    Therapies exist that open up the capillary passageways, making  it possible for cells to be adequately nourished and cleansed of  toxins.

2. Most stem cells we have at birth do not die off as we age. They become dormant.
   Therapies exist that transmit a peptide to activate dormant stem cells.

3. Memory lapses and dementia are often confronted with aging. Recent studies report ways to reverse dementia never imagined a decade ago.
    Therapies exist now that reverse the debilitating challenge of dementia.

4. Immune systems become compromised with aging. Energy levels tank.
   Therapies exist now that rejuvenate and regenerate energy at the cellular level. 

Introducing my new online course, Healing from the Inside Out, lays out new discoveries backed by research that reverse the effects of aging and avoid chronic health challenges. I preview everything I personally do to remain healthy and happy.

Visit the link below for more information and to register:
Healing from the Inside Out

Parkinsons Recovery

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