Can Parkinsons Be Cured?

Can Parkinsons Be Cured?

No doubt you will encounter many fund raising campaigns that support the cause to find a cure for Parkinson’s disease. Can Parkinsons be cured? Will a cure ever be discovered?

I will offer my answer to this question which may surprise you, but first let’s consider what is being intended.  No one would ever make a comparison of the body to concrete. Do you want your body to be cured just like concrete is cured? I think not.

Nor have I ever heard anyone compare the body to bacon. Do we really want our body to be cured just like we cure bacon? I think not.

Of course, if the goal is to raise money it makes sense to pitch the cause in terms of a cure. After all, don’t we all want a simple fix that will reverse all neurological symptoms? Well yes, of course we do.

The answer to the question – can Parkinsons be cured – is one you will not want to hear. The answer is no. It will never be “cured” this year, ten years from now or one hundred years from now. Besides, hello? Who wants their body to be “cured” like concrete or bacon anyway?

Why do I make this bold statement? There are a multitude of factors that cause symptoms associated with a diagnosis of Parkinson’s. Most people experience a combination of causes which trigger their symptoms. Toxins are a primary culprit as is stress, trauma and infections.

It is possible to remove toxins from the body with proven chelation techniques, but this is a remedy for toxins that are embedded at the cellular level. It is not a “cure” for Parkinson’s. It is possible to release trauma that is embedded at the cellular level, but this would be a resolution for trauma that contributes to symptoms.

This is a roundabout way of explaining the “disease” called Parkinson’s is what we researchers call a garbage can diagnosis. It includes a wide variety of causes.

Identifying yourself with a label like Parkinson’s disease results in embracing a belief no relief is possible and that the condition is – hold on to your seat here – progressive. If you have the diagnosis, you are 100% destined to get worse. Really I say?


There will never be a cure for Parkinson’s disease but believe me when I say you would never want that. You certainly do not want your body to harden up like concrete or cured like bacon. When the cause or combination of causes are identified and appropriate treatments embraced to address them, a successful journey down the road to recovery is possible, not tomorrow when a “cure” is found, but  now.

There is no reason to hope for a cure when actions can be taken today that offer welcome relief from symptoms. A successful approach to recovery is to set the intention to heal from the inside out. Check out my online course which offers the opportunity to do just that.

Healing from the Inside Out

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