Holiday Healing from Parkinsons Recovery

Holidays are a time of feverish activity and stress for many persons who currently experience the symptoms of Parkinson’s. The Parkinsons Recovery Holiday Healing will settle down all anxiety provoking stresses of the holidays to a place of centeredness, balance and harmony. When stress flares, symptoms flare. Eliminate stress and most symptoms vanish.

Click on the purple arrow below to hear live streaming of the Parkinsons Recovery Holiday Meditation to reduce stress:

Holiday Healing from Parkinsons Recovery

Holiday Healing from Parkinsons Recovery

Click on the link below to hear the Holiday Healing Meditation from Parkinsons Recovery:

Holiday Healing Meditation

Nancy Welch’s new book, Medicine and Meditation, Conversations on Mindfulness in the Management of Chronic Pain and Illness, has just been published. It is a true gem. Nancy and I conducted a series of interviews with people who were national experts on meditation. Some of you may have listened into some of these interviews. The book captures the wisdom of the incredible people we interviewed.

The print book is $14.99 and the download is $9.99. For further information and to order, visit:

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