Good News About My Progress

Dear Robert,

A month has passed and I want to report good news about my progress. I’m happy to say:

The inner shaking is completely gone. It was constantly present before.

I have better balance when walking  Now I can even look aside when walking, which was impossible for me two months ago.

My left side, the affected one, is not so rigid and heavy any more.

I notice tiny swings of my left arm when I am walking.

My voice gained some energy back. Before I sounded like I was too exhausted to talk.

I notice more strength in my body.

My concentration is better. I can work for 3-4 hours now. Before it was around 1-2 hours.

In general, I feel much better. Of course, some days are good, some others not so much, but I notice the progress. I know I still have a long way to go, but I am optimistic now!

My recovery program includes:

 I don’t take any anti-parkinsons drugs.

Dr. Paneri’s ayurvedic medicine since October 10th 2011 – I’m taking some tablets at mornings and evenings and some others before and after lunch and dinner. I follow the diet which, honestly, is not so hard to follow. I order a new package of medicine from India every two months.

Since September 2011 my husband is helping me according to the description in the book of Dr. Janice Walton-Hadlock – he simply holds my foot for an hour every evening. I have noticed recovery symptoms described in the book. The method is aimed to correct wrong energy (Qi) flows in the body.  Note, please, that this method is suitable only for those who are not taking any anti-parkinsons drugs!

I have a Tui na massage every two weeks.

I practice yoga (30 min daily, twice a week for an hour).

I meditate daily.

I work on resolving the psychological influences (conflicts, resentment, guilt, trauma, etc.).

I practice self-healing method reiki and … I’m changing my life principle from “Be good, work hard!” towards a wiser one: “F*** it!”

🙂 It works! 🙂

I wish you all a nice day! And … let’s keep going!


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