Balance Problems

I am doing better with the Parkinson’s. I wish I didn’t have a balance problem when I walk. I am walking with my mother in the morning 2 miles. My equilibrium is off, but it is better now that I am walking.

Do you have any ideas how I can help myself. The tremors are so much better since I do not have stress in my life.


Isn’t it so sweet to honor and acknowledge the profound impact stress has on symptoms and – better yet – to see what happens when you succeed in reducing stress. That is certainly cause for celebration. Congratulations.

Your general question regarding balance problems is one many people can relate to. Obviously I have no idea what is causing your specific balance challenge and even if I did, I am not qualified to suggest a remedy since I am a researcher (Ph.D.) not a medical doctor.

If I were personally experiencing balance problems, I would pursue the checklist below:

First, am I taking any medications whose side effects cause balance problems? If so, I need to consult with a compounding pharmacist who might suggest to my doctor an alternative medication that does not have balance problems as a side effect.

Second, I have personally experienced ear problems throughout my lifetime – infections, difficulty hearing from one ear, etc. I might suspect that the balance problems are centered in problems I have with my ear. I have recently regained significant hearing in my bad ear by eliminating  fungi and bacteria that were hanging out in my inner ear.

Third, I would explore the deeper meaning of my balance problems:

  • What is off balance in my personal life?
  • What is off balance in my work life?
  • Am I being jostled from one assignment to the next, or one task to the next without being able to complete any task satisfactorily?
  • Do I always feel suspended in a state of rushing from one unfinished task to another?
  • Am I doing what gives my heart and soul pleasure?
  • Am I always doing what I am told to do rather than what I want to do?
  • Is there someone in my life who is continuously knocking me off balance?

Depending on the answers, I would make some changes to correct the imbalances in my life.

Fourth, I would strengthen my grounding – which is my connection to mother earth. Right now you are not grounded. With electrical outlets there is always a grounding line which connects the electricity to the ground. That is also what humans must do to maintain balance and energy.

We are out of balance because  most of our energy field floats primarily around our head, not our feet. You will want to even out the distribution of your energy field so that there is a solid foundation around your feet. Right now your field probably looks like an upside down triangle (with the point of the triangle at the bottom). You will want to shift that triangle 180 degrees so that the flat side of the triangle is at the bottom (at your feet). Pay more attention to your feet!

We believe grounding is so important that we teach people grounding techniques in our Jump Start to Wellness events. People trained in energy healing are good resources that can give you techniques that will be helpful.

May you feet land solidly on the ground and may you find balance harmony throughout each passing day.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

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