What Causes Falls?

Do you have problems with balance that result in falls occasionally? You may suspect the problem is a dopamine deficiency. I suggest an alternative cause – food poisoning which results in a plethora of bad bacteria in your gut.

The energy running through various meridians in our body is what keeps us alive. All of the meridians that connect to the head and brain are the digestive meridians – stomach, small and large intestine. Focus on getting your digestive system back on line and your balance problems should resolve.

Lightheadedness is a common symptom of food poisoning, that stems from the symptoms of nausea, fatigue and/or dehydration.People with food poisoning may also experience dizziness that presents as a symptom a day or two (or much sooner)  after becoming infected.

One such food poisoning is listeria. Symptoms may include fever, aches, stiff neck, headache, lost balance, mental confusion, and convulsions. Please note the symptoms of “lost balance.”

There is a natural remedy for food poisoning you have likely never heard about. I certainly knew nothing about until I had a serious bout with food poisoning recently.

It is called “Activated Charcoal”, a nonprescription supplement available in health food stores and supplement outlets. This is a natural treatment that has highly absorbent capabilities. For this reason, it is mostly used in various detox programs and  to get rid of harmful substances like food toxins.

Although it is a natural remedy there are side effects. These need to be investigated before you decide to take it. Also, be sure to check with your doctor before deciding to give it a trial run.

I personally wanted you to know about it because it helped reverse my dizziness and reclaim Rock Solid Walking after experiencing a scary assault of food poisoning. I took an activated charcoal capsule for 3 weeks or so afterward and now take one capsule when I eat out at a restaurant.

This may be a simple solution to a very troublesome symptom. Check it out!

Robert Rodgers PhD
Founder 2004
Parkinsons Recovery
Rock Solid Walking



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