CoQ10 and Parkinsons

Has your doctor recommended that you take CoQ10 along with your regular medications? Some doctors do. It is deficient in most persons diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Some health care professionals I have interviewed report medications deplete the availability of CoQ10 in the body which is why supplementation becomes necessary.

CoQ10 is no doubt a key anti-aging nutrient. It prevents free radical damage to the DNA in the mitochondria. Supplementation is also recommended for persons with heart issues.

A 10 year longitudinal study published in the European Journal of Heart Failure reported that taking  CoQ10 improved the survival for patients who confront the constant threat of heart failure.

Research that has examined the effects of CoQ10 supplementation on Parkinson’s disease has reported conflicting results. Recent meta-analytic reviews find little effect. I suspect an explanation resides in the fact most CoQ10 supplements have minimal penetration.

What brand of CoQ10 has high penetration?

There are so many choices on the market today. Natural compounding pharmacist Ross Pelton directed me to a source of Coenzyme Q10 that is worth taking seriously. It is produced by Pharmanord of Denmark.

Why do most Coenzyme Q10 products sold in the marketplace have negligible absorption rates? We are talking 1% at best.  The melting point of CoQ10 is 10 degrees above body temperature. Most of the supplements you buy – even those in oil, have crystallized and cannot be absorbed by the body

Why Bioavailability of CoQ10 Matters

Bioavailability measures the ability to absorb and utilize a substance like CoQ10 in the tissues and blood of the body. CoQ10 is fat soluble with a high molecular weight which is why its absorption is very limited.

Pharma Nord has developed the most studied brand of CoQ10 globally. A proprietary heat treatment process greatly facilitates its absorption. The molecular structure of the Pharmanord CoQ10 is transformed from rough crystals to a snowflake like shape. More than 75 studies have now been published that document its superior absorption when compared to other brands.


The price is also reasonable. You can order the Pharmanord CoQ10 directly on their website. Their professional staff generously set up a 20% discount for members of my audience. You can claim this discount only if you ship to a USA destination. Enter the coupon code “PRQ10WEB“ to claim a 20% discount (not case sensitive).

Check out the research for yourself.


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