Foot Whisperer Randy Eady Inspires a Successful Experiment

I must tell you about a foot whisperer experiment I carried out today after listening to the foot whisperer Randy Eady on your radio show. I knew the hands and feet mapped onto large areas of the brain but had no idea that this was such a dynamic mapping. When I felt my sine met level go low, instead of taking another I got up onto my feet. I stayed on my feet for 1 hour and 20 minutes walking, kicking a ball, throwing a ball, dancing whatever I could think of as long as I stayed on my feet and I was fine. Eventually I got bored rather than tired and took another tablet. This kicked in within a few minutes. Great because my medication lasted an extra hour and 20 minutes and would have been longer if I hadn’t got bored.

This explains to me why the exercise bike doesn’t help me walk, why I can’t easily walk after a long swim and why I’m in trouble if I need to get up in the night. And why if I sit down at a friends house for hours in the evening I have trouble leaving!

I for one am going to get up and walk around every 20 minutes or so when I have to sit. Maybe in a marginal situation like Parkinson’s the brain needs very frequent reminders from the feet. Thank you Randy!

I do think my two biophotonic treatments have a role in this improvement also.


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