The First Secret to Reversing Parkinson’s Symptoms

I have been focused as a researcher for the past decade on discovering the causes of Parkinson’s symptoms and, just as importantly, discovering the therapies that help reverse them. I must confess that what I believe now to be the ways to reverse Parkinson’s symptoms are very, very different from what I thought a decade ago.

For starters, most people who currently experience the symptoms of Parkinsons Disease focus on what substances they can put into their body to ease the symptoms. There are loads of choices of course, ranging from prescription medications which must be prescribed by a medical doctor to natural herbal remedies and supplements that you can obtain from a health care practitioner or from your health food store.

There is certainly nothing wrong with any of these approaches. I cover them in detail in Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease. They may give you your life back.

The first secret of seven that I discuss in Seven Secrets to Healing is that it is much smarter at the outset of your journey down the road to recovery to focus on getting the “bad stuff” out of your body rather than putting anything else in (no matter how “good” the stuff might be).

Please do not feel as though you are being singled out because I am saying you have “bad stuff” inside your body. Everybody does! We live in a toxic world. Everyone has heavy metals, pesticides and bacteria inside their body. The miracle of the body is that it is able to eliminate enough of the bad stuff to keep our delicate organs and other body equipment functioning. When the neurological system becomes challenged, it is more likely the case that there is an overabundance of bad stuff that has accumulated inside the tissues of the body.

The capacity of the elimination organs is constrained.  It cannot eliminate a pound of mercury in a day – obviously! Further, a component of whatever we put into our body – whether a medicine or a supplement or a food – has to be eliminated no matter how “good” we are convinced the “stuff” is that we are ingesting.

When Parkinson’s symptoms are present, I have concluded that the body is already overloaded with too much “bad stuff” that it is desperately trying to get rid of through one of the elimination organs: the kidneys, liver, spleen and colon.

The better choice is to set the intention to get the “bad stuff” out through detoxes and other methods before putting anything else in, One of the seven secrets to recovery from any chronic condition including Parkinson’s Disease is to purge first.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.

Olympia, Washington
Parkinsons Recovery
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease
Seven Secrets to Healing

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